Enigmatic Malaysia

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Enigmatic Malaysia (2007-2009)


Travel to mysterious Malaysia to explore its unique customs, art forms and people. This four-part series features ancient bamboo kites (wau) and asymetrical daggers (keris), exotic batik patterned fabric, plus the primitve lives of an ancient people who still live on the sea.

Episode List

The Bajau Laut traditionally known as “sea gypsies” or “sea nomads” involved in extensive maritime trading and dwelling in boats, are beginning to lose their identity as they give up their nomadic ways to integrate with land-based communities
49 minutes
Learn how a special keris blade is created, and listen to the unique stories and beliefs of a distinctive culture.
46 minutes
Wau making is an ancient art form, traditionally passed down from father to son. Follow three Wau makers as they prepare for the International Kite Festival in Tumpat Kelantan.
44 minutes
Batik is a vibrant art form that is firmly entrenched in Malaysian life. But, just where did Malaysian batik originate from?
47 minutes

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