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Explore the Elements


In this series, Clara Roberts-Oss brings us four new yoga practices, each rooted in one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. We all express characteristics of our inherent element through our emotions and disposition (which might not always be sunny!). In each of these practices, Clara presents a sequence that encourages the energy of the element to bring the areas of the body that might feel closed off, into a state of openness and balance.

Episode List

So much of the yoga practice is about creating more space in our physical and energetic bodies. Join Clara Roberts-Oss in this slow moving vinyasa practice geared toward opening the shoulders, hips and quadriceps to prepare for the peak pose of supported ...
42 minutes
Join Clara Roberts-Oss in this heating vinyasa practice geared toward stoking the complete core. A strong core helps support your low back and spine. This short flow combines poses that will create a strong and stable core and and, an equally important - ...
34 minutes
Join Clara Roberts-Oss in this Prana Flow inspired class that will open the whole body with a focus on shoulders and spine. As human beings, we are composed of at least 65% water. As Clara's teacher, Shiva Rea, teaches, it is healing for us to connect to ...
58 minutes
Connect to your roots, your feet, legs and pelvis in this vinyasa practice with Clara Roberts-Oss. Through the power of your foundation, grow, twist and unfurl your torso towards it’s fullest potential. Join Clara in this strong and grounded practice ...
54 minutes

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lorijference5, posted on February 17, 2016

An excellent class for runners opening up areas that get constricted like shoulders, hips, lower back and quads. It will be a go to for me on those days my body is feeling the wear and tear from my training. Thanks Clara! I really enjoy your teaching style and appreciate your embodied wisdom. Also, I feel the class was perfect in it's pace. The heart of yoga is union with self and the Divine. When we are focused primarily on repetitive rapid moving action, we may gain physical benefits at the detriment of mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

seansgirl88, posted on February 14, 2016

fire starter was perfect for this frigid cold day in Cleveland Ohio! My inner fire is burning and my head is clear as a bell. thank you AGAIN Clara!

Janinec_2, posted on February 8, 2016

Once again, Clara's style, pace and lightness helped me open up body and mind. "Creating Space" is described well and works wonders. Thank you Clara!

Emilyyogini, posted on February 8, 2016

I love Clara but this class was a bit slow for what I needed today. I think it should be labeled a beginner or level 1/2 class.

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