Faces of Exotic Lands

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Faces of Exotic Lands (1998)


Take this opportunity to visit little known areas of natural beauty, and to fill your travel journals with unique stories and the unexpected. These five episodes bring you to exotic places to explore different cultures, and for those who make the effort, to see, listen and experience their values and traditions. From the Carnival in Rio to the villages of remote Madagascar, adventure lies ahead for the intrepid explorer.

Episode List

In eastern Madagascar, linking the Indian Ocean to the forest interior lies an extraordinary man-made waterway. Around this waterway a community has evolved. We journey along this waterway to meet the people and learn of their daily lives.
52 minutes
As one of the Caribbean’s major tourist destinations for Europe, Martinique is a name that evokes sunshine, beaches and exoticism. We meet several guides as we tour the island and each one shares their own little piece of paradise.
53 minutes
Located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, no city reflects Brazil more perfectly than Rio. Come and discover what it means to be a Carioca and embrace that spirit of Rio through Carnival, samba, local art and sports.
47 minutes
St Lucia and the archipelago of Grenadines are favourite destinations for travellers in search of nature, discovery and unspoilt originality. Join us to explore the rich flora and fauna, gain a sense of the local flavour, and bask in the soul of the islands.
49 minutes

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