The FIRM Express - Cycle 3

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The FIRM Express - Cycle 3

Alison Davis

Want to shrink both your time commitment and your waistline? Then kick things up a notch! With The FIRM Express, you only need 3, 20-minute workouts a week — that's half the time of a typical cardio workout routine. And here's the best part: you'll burn the same amount of calories, plus tone muscle!

Cycle 3: Turbocharge - Lean out your physique with the best in cardio coupled with muscle toning exercises. Agility and balance drills for high-intensity sculpting and major calorie burning.

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Turbocharge Cardio Video
Episode 1 Turbocharge Cardio
Turbocharge Cardio
Episode 1
, 21 minutes
Alison Davis-McLain
Alison leads you through longer, more fluid “mind and body” movement sequences and further progresses the challenge by introducing “kettlebell” style training into the cardio routine.
Available worldwide
Turbocharge Sculpt Video
Episode 2 Turbocharge Sculpt
Turbocharge Sculpt
Episode 2
, 21 minutes
Alison Davis
Alison Davis takes the intensity down a notch and works with moderately-heavy weights to help your body continue sculpting strong, lean muscle.
Available worldwide
Turbocharge Cardio + Sculpt Video
Episode 3 Turbocharge Cardio + Sculpt
Turbocharge Cardio + Sculpt
Episode 3
, 21 minutes
Alison Davis
It’s old-school cardio meets new-wave sculpting as Alison blends one toning move into the next to deliver a compact, yet complete Cardio + Sculpt workout
Available worldwide

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DimetraKH, posted on March 20, 2015

In-out-done! This workout is totally unexpected for a 20 minute workout. Alison doesn't waste one single second and manages to hit every body part while keeping your heart pumping. Fast paced-high energy! Awesome!

Realgonekitty, posted on October 9, 2014

Wow, that will get your heart pumping!

kimmypoo21, posted on September 13, 2014

She really keeps you moving! Cardio segments are great to get your heart going. I like the way the weight training works several muscles at once!

tootsieroll7624, posted on August 29, 2014

This may be my new favorite cardio video! Alison moves a bit quick, but she gives great instructions. It is a cycle 3 out of 4 cycles, so I expected it to tough and it was. Great job ladies!

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