The FIRM Pump Jump & Jab

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The FIRM Pump Jump & Jab

Kelsie Daniels

This kickboxing video is a powerful fat-burning routine that fuses cardio kickboxing with total body sculpting. Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels guides in you as you kick-start your metabolism and break weight loss plateaus. Condition your body from head to toe with basic, yet intense kickboxing and muscle toning exercises, all set to a high-energy beat. Get ready to sweat in this 45-minute workout—or if you’re short on time, try the bonus workout: Hit Every Muscle in 5 Minutes!


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 42 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Condition your body from head to toe with basic, yet intense kickboxing and muscle toning exercises, all set to a high-energy beat.
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 7 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Hit Every Muscle in 5 Minutes!
Available worldwide

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angelmagnet1, posted on July 3, 2016

40 minutes of an awesome workout. Am going to do this at least 3 times a week in my workout routines.

marie-yama, posted on February 1, 2015

The workout from the firm are always fun, but this one is the best I've done yet -- the problems with streaming do improve when using purple player off line, I can't wait for this workout to be available for download.

maryannluchs, posted on January 23, 2015

I've been doing the firm workouts for over 15 years & love all of them. I just tried this workout & wow! It's an awesome workout & easy to follow. I just recently signed up on here so I could do all the firm workouts especially the ones I don't have on DVDs.
Please fix your streaming. Every workout I do seems to pause & it drives me crazy! I totally agree with the following people who are also having trouble. This needs fixed asap!

B-health, posted on January 11, 2015

I keep wanting to love this site and recommend to my friends and clients BUT the streaming is TERRIBLE. It happens almost every time I use the site. When this happened before I swithched to my YogOnline and NEVER had this complaint. Now you are YogaONline and the problem is back. ?????? Especially a bummer when one is the middle of an aerobic workout!!

pinksparkle1965, posted on December 2, 2014

CARDIO pump for sure thank you

scherman.a, posted on July 31, 2013

Of all the Firm instructors, I think Kelsie is the only one who actually gets me to break a sweat during her workouts. I liked the switch from the muscle-strengthening exercises to the more cardio-pumping ones, but the only thing is I wish it was a little bit longer than 32 minutes (although I did the additional 6 min. workout which was good too.) The first time through you may have to stop to see what she's doing as she transitions from one move to the next, but her instructions are pretty clear, so by the second time you do it you will know the moves.

Simone12jackson, posted on July 18, 2013

This a great workout! Easy to follow and high impact

Umchick, posted on June 15, 2013

Effective yet fun

Theresamcdonald24, posted on June 6, 2013

This is a great workout. it is easy to follow and intense. I recommend.., posted on March 17, 2013

Awesome! a favorite:)

5 stars

debragombert, posted on March 16, 2013

I first did this video at least 3 years ago. I enjoy the Firm videos; over the past 4 years they have been my mainstay. I like the Firm's intervals of weights and cardio, and find their instructors to be clear. All the instructors - Kelsie, Emily, Rebecca, Allie, are great. Love Kelsie. This particular workout is accessible to me if I haven't been doing as much lately, or can be a challenge if I use heavier weights.

I joined GaiamTV a few months ago, and have enjoyed several workouts by Jessica Smith, and other kickboxing videos.

But with over 25 videos at home, and all the choices on GaiamTV, I would choose this one as my favorite, guaranteed to be fun, guaranteed to like, guaranteed to make me sweat, go to video.

MarchEliza, posted on February 16, 2013

I really wanted to try this but the picture kept going so I gave up

boxerkitty, posted on December 3, 2012

three stars would be better if the workout didnt stop right in the middle

tokazani, posted on August 26, 2012

nice moves. feel good to firm up legs. Found the speed of changing between moves a bit fast to keep up with.

abierbower, posted on August 9, 2012

I wanted more cardio but good for squats!

singer521, posted on June 12, 2012

This is probably one of the best 40-minute comprehensive cardio workouts available on gaiamtv. I really like Kelsie Daniels, who gives clear instructions, modifications, and cues. Most of the time her verbal cues are so clear I don't even need to look up at the video, which allows me to focus on my form. I'd say about half of the workout is actual kickboxing intervals, which alternate with high-intensity sculpting (kickboxing-inspired) intervals. There's a good ab section and cooldown/stretch at the end. Great, efficient workout. I'll be doing this one over and over.

ArcanaXV, posted on April 23, 2012

This workout is so much fun! I think it'll take me a couple more tries to master all the moves to perfection, but it wasn't so bad for a first time. It's basically a shorter, less intense version of the 500 calorie workout which I also love. Go Kelsie!

cbbooks, posted on April 21, 2012

THis is totally my favorite Firm workout! Kelsie is awesome and this workout leaves you feeling worked out but energized too.

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