The FIRM TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones

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The FIRM TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones

Kelsie Daniels

Discover today's most transforming fitness tool -- the Kettlebell. You'll tighten your abs and sculpt your entire body with the kettlebell workout, a workout you can't duplicate with regular weights. Cardio, sculpting and powerful core work come together with this one revolutionary fitness tool. The result -- tighter abs while you melt away inches and fat.

With Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels, you'll tackle those trouble spots in a body-shaping, fat-burning workout. TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones combines cardio and sculpting in every move, as you use your core muscles to control the Kettlebell's movement. You'll be amazed at the transFIRMation!


Full Workout Video
Episode 1 Full Workout
Full Workout
Episode 1
, 49 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Tighten and sculpt your entire body with this revolutionary kettlebell workout.
Available worldwide
Learn The Moves Video
Episode 1 Learn The Moves
Learn The Moves
Episode 1
, 3 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Learn how to use the simple yet effective kettlebell to transform your workout.
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 26 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Tackle your trouble spots in an express body-shaping, fat-burning workout.
Available worldwide
Bonus Workout Video
Episode 3 Bonus Workout
Bonus Workout
Episode 3
, 8 minutes
Kelsie Daniels
Strengthen your core and whittle away your waistline with this abs bonus workout.
Available worldwide

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FunctioningFit, posted on August 15, 2015

One of my all time favourite workouts on Gaiam. Kelsie is an incredible instructor! As a fully certified kettlebell instructor myself, I found this to be one of the safest most effective kettlebell workouts on the World Wide Web. Due to the fast pace and quick transitions, I recommend not using anything heavier than 4kg.

cpmurman, posted on October 28, 2014

As an instructor for almost 30 years I can say the instructor was great, the workout has many levels that you can choose from and is taught in a smooth manner. Great!

oakland08, posted on July 23, 2014

Liked the instructor, work-out and moves. Could have used a little more intensity however I use a 5 lb hand weight so I may advance to an 8 lb weight

annettecostabarros, posted on December 30, 2013

Loved the workout. Very good instructor

couch8, posted on December 22, 2013

Never boring, lots of moves, tons of fun!

Veggie210, posted on August 17, 2013

I have done the full workout and the express. Excellent workout and I could feel the burn afterwards. I used a 5 lb. Easy Grip Hand Weight which worked fine. I have a 10 lb k-bell and will try using it at my own pace.

Simone12jackson, posted on August 15, 2013

Great addition to my workouts!

paperwings, posted on January 16, 2013

Burns tons of calories

jlreilly, posted on January 6, 2013

This was a perfect mix of fun, work and sweating. Kelsie is a wonderful instructor.

Byran, posted on September 11, 2012

Great workout,!

jennifer horan, posted on September 2, 2012

TRY THIS--it's fun! Perfect instructor, great cueing with no idle chitchat. I didn't have a kettlebell, so I used a 5 pound dumbell and just did what I could. Great if you need quick toning and loved the plyo.

Avinja, posted on August 19, 2012

Best Workout I´ve done. Trainer is top and after the workout felt really great. Thank you for share this!!!

slk, posted on February 2, 2012

Only done the express workout - so far - with a 5kg bell. Great for those in a hurry that want a workout to cover all bases. Turkish situps are a killer. Might not be quite enough for those used to a kettlebell but as it says it's a great one if you are pushed for time or have little room to exercise.

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