The Fractal Meditation System

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The Fractal Meditation System (2011)


The Fractal Meditation System is a new concept designed by Brainwave-Sync. The system combines video and audio to create a powerful brainwave meditation effect. As the brainwave entrainment audio takes you into the desired meditative entrainment state, the fractal animations work to enhance the effect by visually stimulating the mind into an enhanced awareness.

In a similar manner to brainwave entrainment, fractals are generated from precise mathematical formulas. Fractals are also perfect for meditation, due to their infinite indefinable nature. Brainwave-Sync uses a unique form of fractals known as “fractal flames,” which create stunning visual animations, not unlike those seen in deep meditations.

The aim of brainwave entrainment is to induce the brain into a specific targeted brainwave frequency. EEG recordings show that there are different types of brainwaves each working on a different “frequency.” It is interesting to realize that the brain produces different brainwave frequencies depending upon its current activity.

Brainwave entrainment is the process of using sound to synchronize brainwaves with a desired frequency. As a result, individuals can listen to alpha frequencies to reduce stress, beta frequencies to increase concentration, delta frequencies to induce sleep and theta frequencies to enter altered states of consciousness

The Fractal Meditation System is unrivaled and unique in the brainwave entrainment world. It features fractal video, combined with multiple audio tracks. And it offers videos for Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma frequencies, making for nearly two and a half hours of brainwave entrainment audio.

NOTE: Do not play these videos while driving or using heavy machinery.

Episode List

Relaxation is a state of consciousness we all enjoy, but it isn’t always easy to achieve.
38 minutes
During moments of dreaming, imagination, visualization and meditation our mind enters a state known as the theta frequency.
38 minutes
The deepest of meditations occur at the lowest brainwave frequency known as Delta.
38 minutes
Moments of inspiration can occur almost spontaneously, and during times of creativity we are literally experiencing a higher level of consciousness.
38 minutes

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jhershierra, posted on August 29, 2016

This is just the perfect meditation series for me. It is a ' support' to my regular meditation practice...but the difference is this series stimulates my creativity and very expanded visionary consciousness. I will use it often.


Magination, posted on February 14, 2016

Do I need to wear headphones to get a binaural effect, or how does this work?

lrfwhipple, posted on December 19, 2015

It seems the frequency names of alpha, beta, delta, and theta that are discussed in the next to last paragraph above are not the same names when they are mentioned in the paragraph that follows or in the videos list. Beta is left out of those and gamma is used instead. Does anyone know why? -- Eloise

jhershierra, posted on August 29, 2016

Gamma wave meditation is an awesome experience where as beta is just normal everyday ' waking and working'. Tibetan monks and long time mediators can often reach gamma wave frequency in meditation and when this occurs - you have entered into an altered reality and are ' living in another life or realm' and experiencing 'li interaction with other realities and beings. Also gamma induces high states of joy and ecstasy.


maliya_price, posted on July 28, 2015

Why is this not available in the UK?

AspenM@Gaia, posted on July 28, 2015

Hi there!

I apologize for any inconvenience. We were unable to secure Licensing Rights to show the film outside of the US & Canada. We don't mean to leave anyone out, but wanted to be able to share the videos with as many folks as possible. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Thank you!

arianeparas, posted on June 1, 2015

of being able to stream this in Europe ?

dennis, posted on March 29, 2014

Brainwave "entertainment" versus entrainment, see 4th paragraph. Is this a misspelled typo or what is really meant to describe the program?

Gaiam_TV, posted on April 7, 2014

Hi there. No, this is not a typo. Brainwave entrainment refers to the practice of entraining one's brainwaves to a desired frequency. But we're glad you're paying such close attention!

brookebarber, posted on February 26, 2014

Has anyone noticed any discernible benefit from watching these for videos?

healing_hands, posted on August 14, 2014

These videos have been very helpful for me. I had a hard time meditating before I found them because I would often end up falling asleep. Since these incorporate the visual aspects as well as the audio, that doesn't happen with them.

peggygenoway, posted on June 26, 2014

While doing my master's degree, I have been particularly interested in the shifting of mind-states via sound and visual frequency alternatives. There are many cited studies that show shifting your brain waves----shifts everything. Molecules of Emotion is a good book, but do a Boolean search "sound and brain waves and healing" or some mixture of that. Depend not on other's experiences---but rather do your own research. This is how you will be able to impact your own energy field and serve it best. Theta brain waves only occur in humans until ~ age 12. When they cease, and why they quite interesting.

patriciahumber, posted on April 5, 2014

I just signed up for Gaiam TV. I was wondering if your question is because you haven't noticed any benefits....or if you were just wondering if anyone who has watched these has received benefits?

jegroode, posted on October 25, 2013

is it supposed to be a minute long??

jegroode, posted on October 25, 2013

I get it now!

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