Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Advanced Poses

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Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Advanced Poses

Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman

Many of us steer clear of yoga's more challenging poses. Here, you’ll learn how to do advanced poses step by step, focusing on the necessary alignment points for revolved triangle, eight-limbed arm balance and full lotus poses.

The Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals series features unmatched online yoga instruction from world-renowned instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.


Introduction to Advanced Poses Video
Episode 1 Introduction to Advanced Poses
Introduction to Advanced Poses (2008)
Episode 1
, 9 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Take fear out of the equation by learning how to do advanced poses step by step.
Available worldwide
Warm-up 1 Video
Episode 2 Warm-up 1
Warm-up 1 (2008)
Episode 2
, 7 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Prepare for this pose by opening your hamstrings, spine and arms.
Available worldwide
Warm-up 2 Video
Episode 3 Warm-up 2
Warm-up 2 (2008)
Episode 3
, 7 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Continue your preparation with triangle and pyramid poses.
Available worldwide
Warm-up 3 Video
Episode 4 Warm-up 3
Warm-up 3 (2008)
Episode 4
, 4 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Broaden your back and hips.
Available worldwide

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bbskyrox, posted on June 25, 2012

The concept is great! The order is funny...first they show the pose and then they show all the poses you should sequence leading up to the pose but then they don't do the apex pose at the end of each section. I thought that was disappointing because once we've practiced all the warm ups of course we are excited to DO the pose but cuts off and we don't get to do it with them. I did practice them on my own and was excited that the lead up poses really do help and I was successful at Astavakrasana, the splits, headstand backbend and Full Lotus which have never come easy before. So...this series really does work! My body felt really good after as well.

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