Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Balanced Sequences

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Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Balanced Sequences

Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman

Now that you’ve learned the basics, learn how to connect the poses. You’ll follow guidelines while learning how to personalize the poses to meet your own needs.

The Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals series features unmatched online yoga instruction from world-renowned instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.


Intro to Balanced Sequences Video
Episode 1 Intro to Balanced Sequences
Intro to Balanced Sequences (2008)
Episode 1
, 2 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Have fun as you explore the relationship between classic Vinyasa poses.
Available worldwide
Sequence 1 Video
Episode 2 Sequence 1
Sequence 1 (2008)
Episode 2
, 24 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Move through a series of poses that flow naturally into each other.
Available worldwide
Sequence 2 Video
Episode 3 Sequence 2
Sequence 2 (2008)
Episode 3
, 19 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Now that you’re warmed up, customize your practice to prepare for headstand and backbends.
Available worldwide
Sequence 3 Video
Episode 4 Sequence 3
Sequence 3 (2008)
Episode 4
, 18 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Explore the position of your spine in neutral poses, twists and shoulderstand.
Available worldwide

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