Gardiner’s World

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Gardiner’s World (2009)


World renowned author and filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, interviews some of the most knowledgeable guests on earth discussing all things Esoteric and Occult. Together they delve deep into History, Religion, and Ancient Mysteries. You will learn about newly discovered, never before revealed information on the Knights Templar, Secrets of the Ancients, Secret Societies, The Holy Grail and more.

Episode List

In a talk show format, Philip Gardener sits down with Chrichton Miller and Steve Mitchell. They discuss the secular and spiritual use of the Celtic cross. In addition they explore the spiritual practices of different ancient cultures and how they apply in ...
52 minutes
Astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck talks candidly about a time coming, predicted by the stars, when great change will occur in our society. Ray Menezes tells us how Zen can help us today in this materialistic world of boom and bust.
46 minutes
June-Elleni Lane about the psychic world and how Mandalas can help create a psychic connection with the very Universe through art and intuition. Tony Butcher explains how our modern fairy tales are really keys to unlocking the sacred past.
47 minutes
Oluseyi Eyitayom, author of The Power of Self-Belief, explains how you can connect with that self inside and achieve your own personal success. John Wilding, author of God’s Unfinished Business, offers his insights as to what Jesus’ message really was and ...
47 minutes
Philippa Faulks, author of The Masonic Magician, sheds light on the life and the works of Cagliostro, an enigmatic occultist from the 18th century. From a mysterious birth, through a life of spirituality, Cagliostro may have had a hidden hand in shaping ...
48 minutes
It seems, in today’s world, we are becoming more and more of a pessimistic society. Colin Wilson, author of Superconsciouness, explains the peak experience and how we may be able to intentionally induce it.
42 minutes

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