Geldof in Africa

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Geldof in Africa (2005)


These six original thirty-minute programs shot entirely in Africa, written and presented by Bob Geldof, unravel the complexities of Africa. Bob Geldof explains that “Africa is not a poor continent it is vastly wealthy with its natural resources and creativity”. This is a celebration of its vast peoples as Geldof explores the continent to create awareness and inspire response to the beauty of Africa’s inhabitants and landscape. Amazing panoramic views of the most extreme climates in the world accentuate Geldof’s artistic narrative describing the past, present and future of Africa inviting you deeper into this continent’s mysteries. The episodes are filmed in West Africa – Ghana, Benin and Mali; Central Africa – D.R. Congo and Uganda; East Africa – Ethiopia, Tanzania and Somalia.

Episode List

From climate to politics, there is nothing subtle about the people or the land of Africa. Bob Geldof travels from Somaliland to Masailand and back to Somalia; every step of the way is an expression of the extremes.
29 minutes
Centuries after mankind had migrated north, out of Africa, Europeans returned upon the promises of abundant trade for spices and gold. There are many things to see, and much more to understand in this enlightening journey along the old slave road between ...
29 minutes
Once called the heart of darkness, Bob Geldof reveals there may not just be one heart and one darkness in Africa. Riding along the Congo, Geldof, explores its tales of oppression and warfare, a violent history fueled my man’s ever increasing greed for the ...
29 minutes
In this challenging episode, Bob Geldof faces the ongoing atrocities plaguing Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Unspeakable atrocities are spoken of, not just with words, but on the faces and in the eyes of the children that witnessed them personally.
29 minutes
In Mali nothing ever seems to grow, no water and no life. Yet, from seemingly nothing, life and trade find a way to thrive.
29 minutes
Twenty years later, Bob Geldof returns to Ethiopia, the land that inspired Band Aid and Live Aid a country is now growing and thriving in many ways. This is an episode filled with hope, not just for Ethiopia but for all of Africa as well.
29 minutes

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