Ghost Circle

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Ghost Circle (2009)


Patrick McNamara leads a team of mediums and psychics as they visit historical haunted locations. This is not a typical paranormal investigation show. Ordinary people gather in séance type situations to conjure entities and energies right before them. As they engage the spirits, real paranormal phenomena is captured on video and audio before the group of people witnessing it, as it is happening. You will hear from experts as well as participants who observed and actively manifested the spiritual activity.

Episode List

Acclaimed psychic and medium, Patrick McNamara, leads a group of ordinary people to manifest psychic phenomenon in the heart of Scotland's most secret bunkers. Watch unique footage and listen to exclusive interviews as the paranormal presence in this ...
80 minutes
Join acclaimed psychic and medium, Patrick McNamara, as he Explores one of England's oldest and most haunted farms, Greenways Farm. McNamara contacts the dead in various locations on the farm and uncovers secrets of its lost past, revealing an often ...
106 minutes
The Mermaid Inn in Rye, England is perhaps one of the most haunted locations in southern England. Patrick McNamara investigates the most active paranormal locations and a séance is held where people could feel and see spirit presences in the room.
79 minutes
Join acclaimed psychic and medium, Patrick McNamara, as he journeys to the Guy Fawkes Inn to investigate the various paranormal activities. This is modern physical mediumship in action with no sitting in cabinets and held in no darkness, but with red and ...
79 minutes
Established in 1145, the Ram Inn is one of England's oldest and most haunted Inn's with many strange tales. Patrick McNamara along with John Humphries uncovers the secret and lost past and contacts the dead in various locations, revealing an often ...
74 minutes

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creofinale, posted on December 11, 2013

Completely, totally unbelievable, incredible, unlikely. You have a camera what's happening. Pure BS.

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