Holistic Health Basics

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Holistic Health Basics


This series highlights holistic health programs that promote well-being, integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life as a balanced approach to a healthier life. Explore the benefits of everything from chiropractic care to herbalism and iridology to the power of crystals.

Episode List

Learn about the ancient Asian art of acupuncture, which can be used for treating various ailments painlessly and safely.
38 minutes
Discover the practice of the Alexander Technique, founded by the Australian born actor Frederick Mathias Alexander.
52 minutes
Uncover the healing secrets of Asia by using traditional Chinese medicine.
54 minutes
Learn the basics of chiropractic care.
54 minutes
See how color therapy can be used to re-balance physical, emotional and mental deficiencies in our lives based on the principle that colors influence our well-being.
41 minutes
This is a metaphysical adventure into higher consciousness through the eyes of artists, healers and visionaries.
55 minutes
Learn the healing properties of herbs.
52 minutes
In many cultures, throughout the ages, herbs were cultivated in gardens for their beauty and healing properties.
26 minutes
This program discusses how hypnosis, a trancelike state between wakefulness and sleep, can be induced to gain insight into present difficulties and past events which may effect conscious thoughts and actions.
42 minutes
Find out about the intriguing art of iridology which aims to diagnose constitutional strengths and weaknesses of each organ in the body by studying markings on the eyes.
41 minutes
Combine numbers with names and times of birth to gain insight into a person's or company's characteristics and the past, present and future influences that affect them.
42 minutes
Explore some of the many soothing, invigorating and stimulating benefits reflexology can bring.
34 minutes
Connect with your own natural healing abilities waiting to be uncovered and developed.
46 minutes
Discover the origins, philosophy and techniques of various methods of spiritual healing, from hands-on-healing to absent healing.
60 minutes
Following in the ancient tradition of Chinese meditative exercises comes T'ai-Chi Chuan.
47 minutes
Discover profound insights into the ancient Chinese practices called Qi Gong.
28 minutes
Discover the healing properties of crystals.
40 minutes

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