How to Meditate

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How to Meditate (January 2016)


It’s a crazy world out there full of traffic jams, daily irritants and outside pressures. This meditation series lead by Mark Williams and Bill Filter can help you develop the tools to keep what happens inside the mind as serene as a mountain lake--if that’s what you want. A much richer, more satisfying way of life is available to you!

In less than 20 minutes a day, learn how to build your daily meditation practice.
• Relieve Anxiety
• Find Clarity of Mind
• Make Your Brain More Powerful
• Be Chill and Cool
• Enhance Overall Well-Being
• Actually Be Happier

Episode List

Mark Williams and Bill Filter fromVUmind Meditation Training give an overview of their series How to Meditate. Learn how this series can equip you with the tools you need to live a much richer, more satisfying way of life.
12 minutes
In the first segment of the How to Meditate series, start turning your attention inward by learning about the Internal Selfie. After taking a snapshot of the landscape inside, practice the Belly Breath Superset to calm the body and prepare the mind for ...
19 minutes
In the second segment of the How to Meditate series, practice using the Belly Breath Superset as the ON/OFF switch for the fight or flight response in your Body Electric; then the Contact Exercise introduces our first traditional meditation and we begin ...
23 minutes
In the third segment of the How to Meditate series, Bill and Mark explain how everyday life is more grey than just black or white, and the similarity with our nervous system. Learn to balance and calm your nervous system by using Chi Gong practices to ...
21 minutes
In segment 4 of the How to Meditate series, Bill and Mark share with us all the tools in our meditation Tool Box, it's time to take a look at them all with an eye to continuing a good, quality practice that keeps us in the ideal zone for meditation practice.
22 minutes
It is segment 5 of the How to Meditate series and the rubble is clearing out. Now it's time to work with the mind directly. Ride the Breath and the smaller gook - the thoughts and emotions whirling about - begin settling on their own. This simple act, ...
23 minutes
In segment 6 of the How to Meditate series we become aware that the uncluttered and sharp mind has a very particular "feel" to it. By bringing your attention to the breath and, when it drifts, gently directing it back to Ride the Breath again, you ...
21 minutes
Segment 7 of the How to Meditate series encourages you to tune into the benefits of restful sleep with the Deep Recalibration exercise, an exercise that methodically lets go of tension and discomfort head-to-toe. Take care of yourself. Sleep better! ...
24 minutes
Here we are in segment 8 of the How to Meditate series. A Harvard study reveals that an unsettled, foggy mind is an unhappy mind. As you practice this meditation with Bill and Mark, you learn that a focused mind is a Smiley Mind. Once you have identified ...
23 minutes
Segment 9 of the How to Meditate series is all about the anatomy and physiology of meditation. Attention and awareness are the muscles you develop and strengthen when you shape the meditating mind. Like working out, a consistent regimen keeps us tone and ...
22 minutes
Now that you have established your practice, segment 10 of the How to Meditate series challenges you to get creative…anywhere, anytime take an Internal Selfie. Count breaths when you go for a walk, Ride the Breath at the gym or when you're waiting in line. ...
23 minutes
In segment 11 of the How to Meditate series, Mark and Bill take you back to your childhood. Like learning to ride a bike, developing the skills of ATTENTION and AWARENESS requires training wheels at first. Once you've established a consistent practice, ...
24 minutes
We have all heard about the studies that tout the benefits of a regular meditation practice. In segment 12 of the How to Meditate series, Mark and Bill bring to light the proven, and very real, benefits that include a Right/Left Shift in the brain with a ...
18 minutes
E13 Joyful
In segment 13 of the How to Meditate series it's time to let go of some degree of logic. The benefits of meditation don't come from more 'Do', it's actually the opposite. When it comes to meditation, LESS IS MORE. You relax, you slow down, you finally ...
21 minutes
Success! Segment 14 of the How to Meditate series marks the end of this series, but the beginning of your personal meditation journey. The Big Fundamentals have been established and you can walk through the world with a newly confident swagger, from the ...
20 minutes

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taylorcattie7, posted on September 11, 2016

Well, I'm almost at the end of this program. I'm glad I stuck with it. I really needed to learn how to meditate and breath correctly. Maybe some of my asthma will stop.

taylorcattie7, posted on September 4, 2016

Love it! I notice I get a little, tiny impatient sometimes and think of the past. I get images that go through my mind of my past, but I just flow through them. They don't upset me or anything. Just visual memories.

pierro44, posted on January 11, 2016

Thank you William and Bill, I found your cession interesting because you addet some Tche Quong gestures on the breathing exercices. The process for concentration is prolonged, but it turns out to be very useful.

Thanks again and congratulation,


cb_tw, posted on January 2, 2016 shows the guide for all 14 days and when they will show

travellingsimo, posted on January 1, 2016

hey guys, really enjoyed the first couple of days - thanks for making this available. Looking forward to upcoming videos
Will they be released each day?
Also might be useful to have some documentation with the exercises contained in them?

thanks again!


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