Invisible College

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Invisible College (2009)


Adrian Gilbert, a best-selling author of several esoteric books, provides series of lectures explaining many of history’s greatest enigmas such as the foundations of secret societies to the mysteries of sacred geometry and the ultimate redemption of mankind. He offers a Gnostic viewpoint of alchemy, Christianity and the Hermetic traditions. Filled with wisdom and insight, these lectures are a must for all of those on the path to enlightenment.

Episode List

Adrian Gilbert explores the world of the esoteric and exoteric and leads us through the complexities of the mystery traditions and their role in the history of the world of modern science.
55 minutes
Adrian Gilbert explores the world of the Hermetic Tradition, leading us through the complexities of the mystery traditions and their role in the history of the world of secret societies. Hermes influence is found throughout alchemy and even in the works of ...
58 minutes
Adrian Gilbert discusses who built the pyramids and why, the secrets locked away in hieroglyphs, the secret chambers, lost texts and star shafts.
54 minutes
Ancient man knew how to read the signs in the sky and derived prophesy from the movement of stars. Perhaps the signs in the sky point to the fact that we are at an end of an age, as prophesized by ancient Egyptians and authors of the bible.
78 minutes
Adrian Gilbert explores the world of the Mayan Prophecies and our present End Times.
74 minutes
Exploring the world of the Wise Men, or Kings from the Nativity, Gilbert discusses the many star cults across the world such as the secretive Sarmen Brotherhood. He explains the origin of the fable of the Wise Men and the meaning of the stars at the birth ...
79 minutes
From Jesus as the Leo or lion of Judah to Joseph as Orion and Mary as Sirius, Gilbert discusses how the whole story of Jesus is actually mirrored in the heavens.
51 minutes
World renowned expert Adrian Gilbert explores the world of the alchemists both ancient and modern. Gilbert discusses the symbols, Egypt, the Emerald Tablet, chemistry, the Black Mass, the Philosopher's Stone, Carl Jung, psychology and the shadow self.
59 minutes
Gilbert discusses the transformation of the soul and body. Many ancient techniques including kundalini, alchemy, and light energy, explains just how to transform the base self into a body of light.
55 minutes
Gilbert discusses how Freemasonry, Knights Templar and Druids used sacred geometry and astronomy to construct many of their sacred sites. The ancient Kings of Britain, who saw themselves as the sons of David, set themselves upon the task of creating a New ...
55 minutes
The Hermetic tradition has long hidden the secret of biblical redemption and the return of the Messiah in the end of days. Gilbert discusses the wisdom of this arcane literature and how it predicts the coming end of days.
61 minutes

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medinaph, posted on November 10, 2013

Keys to the Hermetic Tradition: Thoth, the Emerald Tablet, and More - See more at:
by Adrian Gilbert. I started to watch this show, but the man had to restart the film too many tomes because he was not prepared. The preparation should have been done before you put it on the final film. I wanted to watch this information, but I don't have the time to sit through all of his rehearsals.

Lolk, posted on January 9, 2013

Now I get it! Love this information presentation.

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