Islands of Inner Peace

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Islands of Inner Peace (2010)


Experience an innovative way to life-enhancing benefits while connecting with what matters most. These short, mood-shifting films help create daily “islands” of inner peace in the midst of “oceans” filled with distractions, obligations and stress.

Each of these inspiring short films combines the wise words from a respected humanitarian leader with music composed specifically to accompany those thoughts and gorgeous footage from the world of nature. The result is an intoxicating brew of aesthetic beauty designed to mesmerize you into a few minutes of rare inner calm and renewal, offering benefits that can often last for hours.

With music by Emmy Award-winning composer-producer Gary Malkin and images by award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, these innovative gems of mindfulness practice are designed to nourish by opening the heart, inspiring the soul and awakening the spirit.

Episode List

A spiritual icon opens a portal to the divine within.
9 minutes
Father Maximilian Mizzi, a monk from Assisi, Italy, gives us a blessing from the heart of St. Francis.
7 minutes
In a rare moment of authentic intimacy, motivational speaker Bob Proctor reminds us of how powerfully our innermost thoughts can influence our lives – and affirms our intrinsic value.
9 minutes
We witness a lifetime through the eyes of one deeply connected to the Earth.
9 minutes
A Buddhist master invokes peace on Earth through the power of prayer and chant. Thich Nath Hanh urges you to cultivate a “safe island of mindfulness” where compassion prevails.
9 minutes
A pioneer of transitions shares her deepest understanding of what matters most after a lifetime of being with individuals at the end of life. Unconditional Love offers a rare opportunity to directly experience a true Living master of our time.
6 minutes
A guided journey of relaxation takes us into a heavenly soundscape, affirming the power of letting go and surrendering to the unknown.
11 minutes
Ram Dass, a beloved American spiritual teacher, speaks of his beliefs about what’s most important in this life, by looking at what happens when we prepare for leaving this world.
11 minutes
Lisa Nichols, a specialist in breakthroughs, reminds us of our unlimited potential for greatness. A bestselling author, coach and public speaker, Lisa Nichols touches people’s hearts and souls across the globe, teaching messages of empowerment, ...
8 minutes
The grandson of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi and his beloved wife share their reflections on life, death, and enlightenment. She speaks from wisdom gained by her near-death experience, he recalls a vision shared by his grandfather that connects him to ...
8 minutes

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clovejoy, posted on March 5, 2016

Having watched these films back to back, I found that each expressed a different facet of my being, bringing me back to the essence of who I am while giving me ample opportunity to contemplate the nature of who I am. Highly recommend for those times when you feel less than your best.

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