The Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar (2000)


The Knights Templar tells the full story of the legendary warrior monks, from their origins as poor knights in the aftermath of the First Crusade to their meteoric rise as powerful bankers to King and Pope. Then accused of heresy and devil worshipping they were totally destroyed – or were they?

Did some of the Templars escape the massacres of 1314? And with them vast treasure? Did the surviving Templars clandestinely pass their knowledge and wealth down the generations to the present day? And just what exactly are the Templar and Masonic links? Do the Templars still hold the Holy Grail?

The myths and legends surrounding this extraordinary military order have endured for centuries. Now, finally, the truth.

Episode List

In the year 1119 AD the Order of the Temple of Solomon was founded in Jerusalem by a band of nine Christian knights who had vowed to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land.
30 minutes
The Knights Templar needed enormous resources to survive in a hostile environment thousands of miles from home, and over the years developed a massive supply network that enveloped nearly every country in Europe.
30 minutes
Beholden to no nation, the Templars could and did play their own hand in the deadly game of Middle Eastern politics.
30 minutes
In the seven centuries after their destruction, a host of rumors, myths and legends have grown up around the legacy of the Order of the Temple.
30 minutes

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holopath, posted on September 16, 2016

there's always a story under a story. this jihad for "ownership" of the holy land is never-ending.

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