Life Bites with Nina Boski

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Life Bites with Nina Boski


Life Bites takes a theme of a movie or television show and explores how it applies to life. Join Nina Boski as she interviews media makers and trend-setters as they share their experiences and their unique takes on life.

Nina Boski (from Life Bites website)
Nina resides in Los Angeles, where she consults and teaches clients how to bring positive energy into their lives. She is known as the “Energy Coach,” and works with executives to athletes to everyday people and teens who want to improve the quality of their life. Nina’s approach is very practical. She uses a combination of east meets west techniques. “There is a lot of power between the two cultures. One is not better than the other. It’s all about integrating and balancing your life. I find these two approaches really help my clients – By using practical methods in building your goals and dreams (west), with helping you release blocks, known as your energy centers or chakras (east), I don’t just get people talking about their dreams, I get them living it!”

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