Life Changing Encounters

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Life Changing Encounters (2011)


Life Changing Encounters is a series designed to tantalize the senses and re-awaken the soul. Each episode follows a journey into the inner world of internationally-renowned masters of bodily and spiritual healing. See how the life stories, ideas and beliefs of these masters have gained them international recognition in their chosen fields and benefited millions world-wide. Witness individuals undergoing profound transformations of spirit, body and mind, as the masters teach them powerful techniques of reflection, meditation and holistic healing. These personal and up-front encounters offer insight and points of connection for all of us on the quest for enlightenment.

Episode List

With great joy and vigor, Rene Levy teaches macrobiotic cooking and lifestyle at his Food and Health center in the south of France.
26 minutes
Dr. Tal Ben Shahar reveals the secrets of being happy and the scientific proof behind them.
30 minutes
The urban shaman from New York, Gabrielle Roth saw the entire world through five universal rhythms.
30 minutes
By integrating bodily psychotherapy with trance work and relational psychotherapy, Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar helps to create an unmediated, transformative platform for change.
30 minutes
Dr. Bernie Siegel was a conventional medic in New Haven before realizing that the key to recovery lies in connecting with the emotional roots of the illness.
25 minutes
Byron Katie poses four questions of self-inquiry in her unique process entitled "The Work."
30 minutes
Clarity, calmness and tension relief are achieved by implementing Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's teachings of a stress-free mind and a violence-free world.
30 minutes
At the Beshara School, visitors learn the essence of Sufism.
28 minutes
Brant Secunda, a New Yorker by birth who spent 12 years learning from the Huichol Indians in Mexico, takes us on an authentic yet contemporary journey into the realm of shamanism.
28 minutes
For more than 25 years, Ruth Wieder Magan has been singing, creating and healing with her voice.
29 minutes
We find looking ahead to the future to be irresistible, yet many of our methods – tea leaves, crystal balls, astrology – have proven very hit-or-miss. For David Passig, who has earned his doctorate in Future Studies, studying the past and the present is ...
28 minutes
Even when we want to change, we don't always have the tools and knowledge to make it happen. So how do we reach the breakthrough point? This episode revisits the guidance offered by the many people we’ve met on the path.
29 minutes
The world seems to be in its most dramatic period of change since creation. We turn to the leaders we’ve met on our journey to speak about this era of change, what can be expected and what we ourselves can do.
30 minutes

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Rainmaker, posted on June 16, 2013

Integrative body-mind therapy is the most innovative idea for healing I've run across in my lifelong search for wholeness.

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