MindBody TuneUp: A Complete Memory Course

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MindBody TuneUp: A Complete Memory Course (2010)


MindBody TuneUp is a complete memory course created by the dynamic motivational speaker Jan Dacri, M.A., who teaches viewers how to "Repair Your Memory and Exercise Your Mind." With humor and insight, Jan's course teaches secrets for a better memory, to help you improve your ability to remember names and faces, overcome absentmindedness, restore self-confidence, and strengthen your capacity to recall all types of facts and information with ease. People of all ages, from students to senior citizens, will be helped with this exciting course.

Episode List

Jan Dacri, M.A., a master of memory and a teacher of techniques, begins with a magazine memory demonstration, and reveals several techniques to help you remember whatever you really need to know.
56 minutes
In part two, Jan Dacri begins with the visual key word technique and a host of practical applications, including techniques for remembering names.
58 minutes
In part three of the series, Jan Dacri teaches the advanced visual key work system and then finishes with the seven essential habits of mind-body health.
38 minutes

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