The Mission

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The Mission (2009)


When Tasmania’s archbishop sends out word that the Catholic Church in Tasmania is suffering a crucial shortage of priests, the archbishop of Nigeria’s Onitsha Archdiocese responds by sending three young missionary priests. We journey with them from their arrival on Hobart’s coldest winter day to their assignments in the remote corners of the island. Never before has the Catholic Church allowed such access to the behind-the-scenes world of the missionary, both in Nigeria and Australia. Will the missionaries cope with a climate they were told could kill them? Survive on food they’ve been told they won’t be able to eat? Will the dwindling congregations, coupled with the resistance of the local clergy, prove too heavy a cross to bear?

Episode List

Fathers Christopher, Felix and Kene arrive in Tasmania on its coldest winter’s day. The three priests have never left Nigeria before, and now they are far, far from home.
26 minutes
The 3 Nigerian priests are all struggling with the demands of Australian life, homesickness and confronting the reality of a Church in decline. And not everyone is getting along, so life isn’t getting any easier.
26 minutes
Six months into the mission and the 3 Nigerian missionaries are finding themselves part of a Tasmanian Catholic community looking for solutions to churches closing down, congregations dying out and no priestly vocations.
26 minutes
As their first year draws to a close the 3 Nigerian fathers continue their roller coaster ride of faith, dedication and culture shock. For the Tasmanian priests working with them it is difficult to accept what they offer, but for the communities they are ...
26 minutes

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