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Mummies (2003)


Every so often all, over the world, the ground gives up another mummy. These ancient bodies, amazingly preserved by ice, marsh, sand or earth, can give us clues as to who they were, where they came from and why they died. Some were sacrifices, others victims of murder or execution, others still were lovingly preserved in a burial rite.

In a study of human remains around the world, either artificially or naturally mummified, this series tries to uncover the secrets left by these intriguing finds.

Episode List

In this fascinating investigation into the watery world of the peat bog corpses, we uncover surprising tales of sacrifice, murder, religion and ancient lives.
50 minutes
Every so often, the world’s coldest places are the setting for a remarkable discovery: an ice mummy. Where these bodies have been buried in frozen ground, ice or snow, we are treated to the extraordinary preservative effects of freezing.
49 minutes
A travel tour of the world based on some of the impressive mummy finds – both known and not so well known.
50 minutes

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