Mysteries: Cracking the Mysteries of Time

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Mysteries: Cracking the Mysteries of Time (2002)


Delve into the mysteries of ancient sites and stories.

Episode List

The story of the flood is perhaps one of the most powerful in the Old Testament. Conflicting information is presented from CIA photographs to ancient cuneiform inscriptions. But, will it take cutting edge technologies bring us any closer to solving the ...
50 minutes
Across the Nile, in the shadow of the pyramid lies one of the true wonders of the world. For nearly 5,000 years the existence of the sphinx has been shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. It is the pride and glory of the Egyptian civilization and the people ...
50 minutes
Controversy dominates the quest for Jesus’ tomb. To touch the stones and enter to tomb gives people a tangible connection to their faith. Different experts from various fields of study ranging from theology to archeology weigh in on the controversy of ...
49 minutes
After years of fierce debate, theory and archeological research, is it finally time to unravel the mysteries of Easter Island? Experts offer insight as to the origin of the people and speculate to their motivations and ultimate demise.
50 minutes

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