The Mystic Fire Video Collection

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The Mystic Fire Video Collection


Mystic Fire Video concerned itself with the transformation of consciousness, not only through spiritual teaching but through art, music, poetry and film. The creators sought to produce movies that place substance over appearance and create interaction between audience and the story, stimulating the intellect and the emotions.

The films were editorial driven, rather than market driven, and the producers would only make a movie about a subject that inspired them. In this series you will find an intriguing selection of their inspiring films.

Episode List

There are few places on Earth as rich in history and intrigue as Egypt. This lyrical film provides a glimpse into the pulse of mystical Egypt with its trance dances and ever-present street music.
50 minutes
Monks of the Gyuto Tantric College perform sacred Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies in a style of chanting that expresses the ecstasy of true meditation.
51 minutes
A pilgrimage into the heart of India's greatest sacred celebration, the Kumbh Mela which takes place every 12 years. Filmmaker and poet Ira Cohen brings us face to face with an unforgettable gathering of holy men and into the heart of a visionary experience.
71 minutes
Filmed at the Tibetan Medical Center in the Indian Himalaya, Tibetan Medicine explores the combination of modern and traditional styles of healing through the work of Dr. Ama Lopsang Dolma, Tibet's first woman doctor.
29 minutes
Journey to one of the most mystical and culturally enriched destinations on the planet and explore the ancient civilization of this Himalayan kingdom and the Buddhist Monks that live within.
61 minutes
Habiba is a Tabib, a Muslim healer. She belongs to the earliest Sufi "Chain of Mystic Transmission," a lineage of teachers whose main representative is the great master Bahaudin Nacksband.
31 minutes
Savoniha belongs to the “Old Believers,” a sect of the Russian Orthodox Church that was exiled to Buryatia, Siberia, many centuries ago.
32 minutes
Nadia Stepanova is a Buryatian shaman who is reviving shamanic ritual ceremonies that for centuries have ruled the life in the taiga. The Republic of Buryatia is a large country in Siberia that lies between Lake Baikal and Mongolia.
30 minutes
Tuva is a very ancient country of shamans and throat singers. It lies between the Siberian forests and the central Asian desert, marking the center of Asia is where we find Moon Heart, a shaman, a very powerful healer who speaks to the stars.
30 minutes

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