Naljor: Exploring Your True Inner Nature

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Naljor: Exploring Your True Inner Nature (June 2016)


In Buddhist practice, "Naljor" encompasses many different types of "yogas" to explore our inner nature. These include yoga practices for the body (asana), speech (pranayama) and mind (meditation). This series with David Magone will use all three of these tools to help students connect with "naljor" and activate layers of unrealized potential that rest within us all.

Episode List

This hatha practice with David Magone is a gentle, seated practice with an emphasis on longer holds, deep hip opening and the cultivation of self-love and acceptance.
48 minutes
This hatha practice with David Magone focuses on opening up to acceptance, empathy, and limitless compassion.
43 minutes
This full body practice with David Magone includes pranayama practices for emotional clarity, strength-building standing poses and a series of floor-based stretches for hip and back mobility.
41 minutes
Join David Magone and go beyond yourself to tap into the spirit of interconnectedness with a short pranayama practice, 10 minutes of gentle floor based stretching, and a 15 minute meditation practice on “Tong Len” (giving and taking).
33 minutes

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CAMERONW, posted on July 1, 2016

I really appreciate and am benefiting from this series. David, you are so patient, clear and loving!
Thank you.

canim, posted on June 15, 2016

Have always loved your practices ... thank-you

How would you recommend practicing this series. Go through episodes chronologically and then begin again? Or do one practice 3x a week and then switch.

pranavayu, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you! I'm so glad that you'll be practicing these videos, and I'm glad that you've liked the others.

Each video can be done as a stand alone practice if you wish to make progress on a certain range of motion or theme. However, since most of the practices focus heavily on one or two major ranges of motion and a singular philosophical focus, the best approach would be to go through all of them over the course of a week.

I hope that helps! Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions.



tarantulenator, posted on June 10, 2016

Beautiful practice and meditation. Thank you

pranavayu, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you for practicing!

findingbliss, posted on June 8, 2016

Beautiful practice David. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

pranavayu, posted on June 16, 2016

I'm really glad to hear that! Thank you. :-)

mariliamello, posted on June 4, 2016

Thank you, David, to remind me what yoga really means.

pranavayu, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you!

deborahchelettewilson, posted on June 2, 2016

Wonderful stretches and heartful practices that focus on loving kindness to self and others. Will do this again.

pranavayu, posted on June 2, 2016

That's really great to hear Deborah! I'm glad that you'll be coming back for another practice.

Thank you for checking out the video., posted on June 1, 2016

Loved this! Thank you!

pranavayu, posted on June 1, 2016

Thanks for practicing!

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