Natural Mystery

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Natural Mystery (1999)


There are forces in the world that are unseen. They are within us and around us, they affect the way we grow, develop and behave – and yet most of us have little understanding of them. Natural Mystery travels the globe to find the truth behind some of the world's most startling and enigmatic phenomena.

Combining dramatized recreations of nature's mysteries with the latest scientific knowledge from around the world, the programs construct a dramatic new picture of nature and its forces and explore such questions as why people are more likely to die near midnight, how animals can trace their owners and the effects of the full moon on people and animals.

Episode List

The electro-magnetic field of the Earth is thought to be generated deep within the planets core.
52 minutes
This program looks at the evidence suggesting that both organisms and objects are organized and function at an electric level.
52 minutes
This powerful tool can be harnessed by the conscious minds, but its deepest effects take place in altered states of consciousness, where perhaps the critical facilities are suspended.
52 minutes
The human body is bombarded by thousands of signals all the time.
52 minutes

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