Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis

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Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis (2015)


Former Theravadan Buddhist monk Gregory Burdulis is an expert in mindfulness and meditation. It’s a message dear to his heart, so Greg wants to introduce you to mindfulness because it affects us all.

These meditations will help you learn to work with — not against — your body, mind, and emotions. As demonstrated by scientific research, meditation literally changes your brain as well as your life.

Walk alongside Greg as he brings forth what he learned in the cave of Buddhism out into the world.

You’ll learn how to:
· control your thoughts so that they bring about connectivity
· quiet and calm your mind
· open and enhance your heart
· respect your body.

Episode List

Greg Burdulis introduces the Open Your Heart meditation series.
12 minutes
Why is it so hard to develop loving kindness toward ourselves?
22 minutes
It’s time to dissolve perceived boundaries. As we all know, sometimes it’s difficult to stay vulnerable with challenging people or situations.
28 minutes
How do we move past our belief that we’re separate from others and from everything that is?
23 minutes

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kpikend, posted on January 29, 2016

Greg, I want you to know that I'm feeling the benefits of the open heart meditation series.
My life is very challenging right now.

b.kadyrova, posted on November 29, 2015

Thank you very much. I have awaited this, now I got it. Please continue.

toesinsand, posted on September 25, 2015

My husband and I just love this new series! Thank you Greg and thank you Gaiam for continuing your tradition of excellence in spiritual growth! We are grateful!

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