Positive Living

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Positive Living (2012)


Aida Memisevic, a successful television producer and host, has a passion for personal development. She has enjoyed a life of helping others achieve their goals through Executive Life Coaching. Now, she continues her life’s mission with the Positive Living Series.

In this series, she seeks out magnificent teachers and inspirational leaders, from many walks of life. They all share their ideas on achieving success, strategies for happiness, how to attract more abundance, how thoughts impact success, and breaking through barriers. This is about creating our most amazing life!

Episode List

Dr. Joe Vitale shares ideas on business success; Didi Vergados explains how she helped “Big Joe” with anger issues; Jack Canfield talks about the specific traits of highly successful people; Marcia Martin helps us to improve our love relationships and Lisa ...
24 minutes
Bruce Poon, explains the qualities of an entrepreneur; Daniel Rutley, shares the one thing men and women most want in a relationship; Hugh Comerford explains how physiology influences mind and emotions; Marianne Williamson talks about leading a spiritual ...
24 minutes
Ky Joseph helps a jewelry designer perfect her business branding; Debbie Muir shares special techniques that help athletes’ brains and bodies perform better; Arjuna Ardagh discusses how beliefs impact our lives; Chuck Comeau and Sbastian Lefebvre talk the ...
24 minutes
Peggy McColl offers simple habits to help gain abundance and overcoming doubt; Mary Gordon explains how parents can help their children to be more empathic; Nancy Carlsson-Paige tells how she helped her son, Matt Damon, learn the importance of gratitude; ...
24 minutes
Dean Lovric and Jake Michalski explain their special leadership factors for running a successful team; Lynn McTaggart, explains how use collaborative intention to create change; Jennifer Hough provides insight to listening to your heart and living an ...
24 minutes
Dr. Ray Blanchard explains how to create space for a better relationship; Rebecca MacDonald shares the challenges she faced in moving from poverty to financial success; Dr. Lise Janelle helps Theresa Laurico discover her internal conflicts between her ...
24 minutes
Dr. Jeffry Sachs explains sustainable solutions for Africa; Terry Tilman explains how he faced his fear when he left his career to pursue a more fulfilling life; Dr. Zindel Segal explains the benefits of mindfulness and conscious breathing to reduce ...
24 minutes
Catherine Hume reveals ways that busy moms can tap into their inner sexiness; Didi Vergados offers four ways that we can use our mind to maintain a healthy body; Nellie Vieira explains the importance of an authentic life and how open and honest ...
24 minutes
Pascal Ribreau shares his incredible story of following his passion despite being paralyzed from the chest down; Debbie Papadakis explains how hypnosis can change negative emotions into positive ones; Morty Lefkoe share his thoughts on beliefs and their ...
24 minutes
Dr. Nancy Zapolski explains how keeping the past in the past changes perceptions and behaviors; Elizabeth Payea-Butler explains how to use NLP to overcome procrastination; Karin Vagiste offers six steps to solve interpersonal conflicts; Paul Scheele ...
24 minutes
Sherry Dale explains how EMDR is used to desensitize fear reactions so they no longer have an impact; Dr. Ulrich Schimmack explains the difference between happiness and well being; Marlene George explains why we need to embrace the pain message from our ...
24 minutes
Bob Proctor explains how we can utilize positive focus and our higher faculties to attract wealth and the life we want; Darlene Montgomery explains how to use the dream state to confront fear, seek answers and heal; Dr. Fuscia Sirois offers tools and ...
24 minutes
Larry Johanson shares techniques for breathing and clearing thoughts; Carolyn Caldwell provides organizing strategies for busy households; Gary Direnfeld gives a father of two young children helpful parenting advice.
24 minutes

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Bassmix662000, posted on December 31, 2015

I Really love this program. Will there be any more in the series? I see that is not under the regular programming.

didi.carolina, posted on June 18, 2015

Please change this series to worldwide! :)

jess_rose_cameron, posted on June 8, 2015

I am in BC. Just wondering why I can't watch this series?

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