Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga

Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea has designed a prenatal yoga video to help you gain all of the amazing health benefits yoga has to offer. No matter which of the routines you do, be sure to end with the guided meditation to gain the full benefits of this special yoga practice. If you are new to yoga, feel free to only work fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Then, in a comfortable way, add more time and variety to your practice. Three instructors present modifications of the routines for the different trimesters.

Recommended Props: Blanket, Strap, Block, Chair


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 19 minutes
Center yourself and connect with the life growing inside you.
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 16 minutes
Develop strength and flexibility with a focus on balance while increasing stamina.
Available worldwide
Episode 3
Episode 3
, 16 minutes
A floor routine specifically designed for the pregnant body.
Available worldwide
Episode 4
Episode 4
, 6 minutes
Relax in modified reclining positions and connect with the baby developing inside you.
Available worldwide

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Jiangna, posted on September 10, 2016

Hi, I have been going back and forth with yoour customer service on this for months now. With a poor wifi condition, downloading to purpleplayer is the only way for me to follow any video. Unfortunately this is still not settled. To set the record straight, is GAIA going to solve this for me or not?
Very disappointed JIang Na

KristenL@Gaia, posted on September 13, 2016


We're so sorry for the inconvenience. The series has been fixed, but if it still is not downloading properly for you, please try downloading the episodes individually from these links:

Alternatively, you can download the series from the new Gaia Beta website instead. Here is the link to it:

If you run into difficulty with the episodes or the Beta site, please send us a note to! Thanks!


Kimberlyayoung, posted on May 11, 2015

I used the Shiva Rea's DVD for my first pregnancy but our DVD player is now broken. I REALLY wish that I could do the full program, uninterrupted again. Also, the sequences here seems to be missing some of the moves that were on the DVD :( Please consider providing the full video.

AspenM@Gaia, posted on May 11, 2015

Hi Kimberly,
I apologize for any inconvenience. Our Customer Relations Team will be reaching out via email to assist you. Please email with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

Devaki12, posted on October 9, 2014

Hi Gaim tv,
I'm an old my yoga online member and was wondering if you could also provide a full interrupted Shiva Rea video as its actually quite disruptive to have to click and find the next segment and its quite clear Shiva Rea flows from one segment to the next. I think having the option to just choose one segment is great but would really appreciate to keep in the zone if I decide I want to do the old 56minute class.
Many thanks for considering this,

aya78616, posted on January 18, 2012

A week into signing up for Gaiam TV, I found out that I am pregnant. I enjoy fitness and want to do what is best for my health and the baby's health. I found these yoga programs and I think they are so nice! I am generally tired and my body feels tight. I never was big on yoga, but I feel GREAT after these videos. I would recommend them... they are simple to follow and I think you feel the benefits of it after the first video. I love it! I am definitely going to try and keep up with this through out the pregnancy.

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