QuickFix Total Body Toning

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QuickFix Total Body Toning

Nancy Popp, Minna Lessig, Julie Upton

If time is tight (but your muscle tone isn't), Quick Fix Total Body Toning provides a workout that can shape up your physique in minimal time. Composed of three 10-minute sessions, this complete body challenge delivers both cardiovascular conditioning and weight-bearing exercises. Each of the three sets concentrates on specific training regimens, and some portions of this program require three- to five-pound hand weights. The first 10-minute set utilizes weights with a series of bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. The lower body is worked with plies, squats, lunges, and calf raises. The second session focuses on cardio kickboxing. Most of the choreography is taught at half tempo here, and the extra time allows for beginners to perform kicks and punches in stellar form. The third set uses isometric and resistance movements to increase strength and muscle tone. Power squats and reverse lunges are sure to make the quadriceps burn while pushups train the pectoral muscles. Quick Fix provides a basic workout for the time-savvy exerciser, and participants of all fitness levels will find a quick, easy-to-follow program


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 11 minutes
Minna Lessig
Aerobic routine to boost the heart rate
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 10 minutes
Nancy Popp
Kick your fitness into high gear!
Available worldwide
Episode 3
Episode 3
, 12 minutes
Burn calories with strengthen training exercises.
Available worldwide

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Realgonekitty, posted on February 26, 2015

I am nearing 6 months pregnancy and have been doing these 3 segments with no problem! Its great to maintain my exercising without risking any harm to baby. Its fun, easy and not high impact. You will feel great after!

Realgonekitty, posted on October 7, 2014

Got me going. Great for when you are tired or havent worked out in a while to sort of get you back into it. Low impact and fun! The girls have this awkward banter between one another that always makes me laugh!

TARAD, posted on September 10, 2014

This was a great change. I broke a nice sweat and feel like I worked every part of my body. I would definitely do these again and look for more by these engaging instructors.

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