Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric

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Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric


Pervading every culture, throughout the history of humankind, secrets have been kept; secrets that reveal the underlying mysteries that govern the nature of our universe and consciousness. RealityTV has amassed a collection of videos that begin to explore the greatest esoteric secrets.

Episode List

Some say that Rosslyn Chapel is a simple place of worship; others believe that it holds the secrets of the Knights Templar. Esoteric mystery persistently surrounds this enigmatic place. Brian J. Allan explains the history the Rosslyn chapel and how it ...
59 minutes
Philip Gardiner joins Professor Hugh Montgomery in his home as he reveals a merger of two great blood lines as Romans and Goths came together. The implication of this information is astounding as it reveals ancient conspiracies to not only govern the ...
57 minutes
Tim Wallace-Murphy is an international bestselling author known throughout the world for his deep knowledge of Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, and Rex Deus - the real bloodline of Jesus Christ. In this unique interview he reveals the spiritual truths held ...
59 minutes
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is just as old as the Knights Templar, and stems from the same roots. Philip Gardiner guides us through the creation of the history of the order, revealing the occult and sinister forces at play that may even be ...
56 minutes
Across time and across the world, an ancient serpent cult once dominated mankind and has since disappeared over the eons. Now, after years of research, the real religious history of the world can be told as Philip Gardener reveals some of the world’s most ...
53 minutes
Evidence is being uncovered that suggests serpents were revered and worshiped all over the globe, and may have led to the foundation for many religions of the world. Philip Gardiner expounds upon the vast amount of evidence suggesting that serpent worship ...
67 minutes
Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem is reputed to be the source of the most esoteric knowledge in human history and has fascinated scholars, seekers and dreamers for centuries. Gardiner proposes that not only did Solomon’s Temple not exist as we know it, but it ...
56 minutes
From Mecca to Megaliths and stone circles, stones trace the history of mankind. In this unique film we uncover the secrets of the stones with a group of experts who share the sacred use of stone from the origin of ritualized worship.
60 minutes
Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered an amazing mystery in the land of the Norse. Travel with us across a beautiful landscape, into the very heart of ancient serpent worship as we unravel the ...
72 minutes
We live in an era where science is just begging to understand the most subtle form of material existence at the quantum level and its connection with consciousness. Therefore, it is becoming more and more apparent that understanding our inner selves is ...
55 minutes
Many of the ancient spiritual traditions have some means by which human beings can enter into the spiritual realms…or parallel universes. Examining mythology, history, modern science, and his own personal experiments, Gardiner demonstrates just how we can ...
64 minutes
Today’s world is so full of turmoil that many people fear the end is near. From climate change to financial fallout, apocalyptic pessimism is on the rise and could become self fulfilling prophesy. Hidden in an ancient code is a power so great that it can ...
63 minutes
Tim Wallace-Murphy discusses the relevance of symbolism to the spiritual development of mankind through the ages. This is your opportunity to delve into the mind of one who truly understands the sacred nature of God on Earth, as seen by ancient Gnostics ...
51 minutes
In this unique and thought-provoking work, Gardiner proves that the Ark of the Covenant, the Shroud of Turin, and Mary are united in ways never before imagined. It was a flash of inspiration when he noticed a similarity between designs and was able o piece ...
70 minutes
Lost in the thread of time, an incredible discovery has emerged from the dust of ages. Chrichton Miller reveals the hidden truth to mankind's most revered symbol to be an ancient instrument designed to unlock mysteries that have baffled mankind for ...
65 minutes
Before a live audience Hugh Newman presents his research on how earth energies affect consciousness. The ancients knew of this ancient grid system and fully utilized it for the construction of their sacred sites. Join in to better understand the hidden ...
66 minutes

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