Reality TV: Literary Geniuses

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Reality TV: Literary Geniuses


Lurking deep with the pages of works of literature hide the mysteries the authors’ minds, the mindsets of their generations, and possibly even the mysteries of the ancient world. RealityTV delves into the hearts and minds of famous authors to reveal the secret motivations behind their famous characters and stories.

Episode List

The fantastic tales of adventure penned over a hundred years ago by Jules Verne still live in the minds and hearts of millions. This is a voyage into the world of Jules Verne, the father of science fiction. Is it possible that his highly successful stories ...
65 minutes
The enigma of the Vampire has captured the imaginations of the mass populace, as well as intriguing seekers of deeper mysteries. We investigate the life and associations of Bram Stoker and descend into the dark world of the vampire to discover its mysteries.
65 minutes
Without doubt Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in print and on film but there is another character in the stories that is often neglected and misunderstood and that is Dr. Watson. Join us as Philip Gardiner and Brian Allen unlock the mysteries ...
54 minutes
For countless generations, the bat has inspired tales of terrible horror but also stories of great hope. This dynamic history inspired Bob Cane and Bill Finger to create Batman in 1939. We explore the rise of the Batman era to understand how this creation ...
65 minutes
Strange lands, peculiar animated beings and altered perceptions created to entertain and confuse. Lewis Carroll was the enigmatic man who created a magical and surreal reality populated by characters mined from the depths of his imagination. Were they ...
62 minutes
Philip Gardiner explores Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life and history to explain what experiences and influences helped to forge his most famous characters. What he uncovers is an even more bizarre and mysterious tale than anybody could have expected.
69 minutes
Philip Gardiner goes on an amazing journey into the heart of the timeless tale of the Hooded Man, unlocking the mystery and the myth of Robin Hood. We discover that the legend and history are even more enigmatic than the modern tales suggest.
64 minutes
Colin Wilson is considered to be a legend of the literary world who shot to overnight fame with his book, The Outsider. In this unique and exclusive film we talks with Colin Wilson to discover what makes him tick and his amazing research and conclusions on ...
103 minutes

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