Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal

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Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal


The realms of metaphysics and the paranormal have fascinated us since the dawn of time. RealityTV explores the subtle layers of reality, superimposed upon our own.

Episode List

Rings of ancient stone circles pepper the countryside of the UK and Europe, like jagged dragon teeth. Prepare to step into the world of magic, mystery and myth as Steve Mitchell reveals the truth about ancient stone monuments, ley lines, crop circles and ...
51 minutes
Karen Frandsen talks with Jeanette Ellis, author of, Forbidden Rites, and lecturer on traditional British Witchcraft. Jeanette reveals the truth behind many aspects of Witchcraft including how Witches practice their Craft. Then we travel to the town of ...
78 minutes
As a healer of people and land Hamish established the Parallel Community to bring his healing to a wider audience. We join Hamish as he explores points of power and haunted locations while he shares insights to the nature of the power of the earth and how ...
83 minutes
Tarot Stripped Bare is a visual guide that covers everything you need to know in order to become a Tarot reader. It covers such topics as choosing the right deck, to performing your first reading, and much more.
41 minutes
A team of specialists and experts have gathered to share their understanding of what earth energy is and how it affects the world. The team explores The Merry Maidens stones in Cornwall England and demonstrates the mathematical principles found throughout ...
103 minutes
First, we talk with Martin Jeffreys who is a leading paranormal investigator with Fright Nights who explains many elements of the paranormal. Next we follow along with a team of investigators as they explore the paranormal activity of one of the most ...
61 minutes
Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson has explored the spiritual world for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the journey of the human soul. Through the course of the presentation, he offers wisdom and practice to bring about the evolution of ...
178 minutes
Ancient cultures have a powerful message for those of us living in modern times. We are being compelled to ascend into a greater state of consciousness. We just need to wake up into the third eye and dare to see a new world for all of mankind.
62 minutes
Producer Paul Wookey decides to go on a personal journey to investigate the universal ghost and spirit experience along with psychic medium Diane Howe. They investigate the Anchor Pub in Pendle, UK and uncover some amazing and horrifying results.
73 minutes
Dowsing is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to locate sacred sites, water, and much more. We join Hamish Miller, and other experts, as they offer grounded practical demonstrations and instructions on using basic dowsing tools and ...
66 minutes
The earth changes and paradigm shifts that we are now experiencing seem to be monumental in scope. Jack Allis explains how to prepare your consciousness and spirit to be ready to create the new paradigm.
89 minutes
We are living in an age of monumental transformation, known to some as the shift. While the topic of 2012 is a particularly hot topic it is also greatly misunderstood. Jack Allis cuts through the confusion with a message that is simple, yet profound.
73 minutes
Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols are three men with intimate knowledge of the strange and incredible events that took place and may very well be STILL taking place now. They explain the technology they helped develop and test and how it may be ...
213 minutes

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