Rodney Yee Core Centered Yoga

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Rodney Yee Core Centered Yoga

Rodney Yee

Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee helps you make small adjustments that provide amazing results. Learn how finding your core center is the key to getting fit and finding balance in your body, your mind, your life.


Lower Balance Video
Episode 1 Lower Balance
Lower Balance (2012)
Episode 1
, 14 minutes
Rodney explains opposition - how using opposite movement creates balance in the body and mind.
Available worldwide
Back Balance Video
Episode 2 Back Balance
Back Balance (2012)
Episode 2
, 9 minutes
Tune in to your back to avoid pain.
Available worldwide
Internal Balance Video
Episode 3 Internal Balance
Internal Balance (2012)
Episode 3
, 9 minutes
Explore twists to feel more balanced.
Available worldwide
Bending Balance Video
Episode 4 Bending Balance
Bending Balance (2012)
Episode 4
, 8 minutes
Develop better posture through back and chest openers.
Available worldwide

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idanyadelafuente, posted on March 24, 2014

I am a beginner at yoga, and i always had trouble with my back and i also have trouble touching my toes and all sorts, but this is really helping me get where i want to be! if it wasn't for Rodney's detailed explanations, i would still be doing everything wrong. i appreciate you Rodney!

amyjphillips, posted on April 16, 2013

he always explains each step as he goes through each pose. this one especially ties the core and body positioning details together

chrislug, posted on March 7, 2013

Thank you for a quick and beautiful way to start my day. Rodney Yee is the best! 5 stars always!

near-vana, posted on November 26, 2012

Love Rodney, and I wish only the categories were labelled more clearly -- this one should be labelled only MEDITATION and CENTERING ...

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