Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief

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Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief

Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief, filmed in picturesque Western Colorado, features three 20-minute restorative yoga practices designed to calm the mind and gently energize the body. Perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress and increase focus.

Prop needed: Chair


Awaken and Energize Video
Episode 1 Awaken and Energize
Awaken and Energize (2013)
Episode 1
, 21 minutes
Gentle twists and forward folds awaken the body and increase energy levels.
Available worldwide
Gentle Relaxation Video
Episode 2 Gentle Relaxation
Gentle Relaxation (2013)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
Using the breath to relax the body and quiet the mind, this practice is designed to release tension in the hips, back and side bodies.
Available worldwide
Restore and Rejuvenate Video
Episode 3 Restore and Rejuvenate
Restore and Rejuvenate (2013)
Episode 3
, 19 minutes
This relaxing practice focuses on releasing stress and tension throughout the entire body. Gentle backbends increase energy levels while deep breathing rejuvenates and restores the mind.
Available worldwide

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debthomzas, posted on July 18, 2016

I have practiced AM Yoga with Rodney Yee for years and am very happy to try his other segments. I've always loved the flow of his sequences.

veda, posted on January 6, 2016

Beginners and seasoned yogis can both find benefit to this practice; Rodney Yee's gentle, guiding voice offers poses that are not "modified" but, enhanced by the use of a chair, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, but then, again, one can always find benefits in all his videos. Thank you for continuing to share with us, yogi Yee!

hdale05, posted on November 10, 2015

my favorite of the 3, but i would like to be able to FF past the doesn`t give me the option...

desertwindmagic, posted on August 28, 2015

That was beautiful~

acudrea, posted on August 26, 2015

Thanks Rodney for a great start to my morning. I find your voice and pace very relaxing and soothing. I have very tight adductors and hamstrings. I cant reach the floor when I have one leg stretched on the chair.
Do you have any suggestions?

wiredwoman2, posted on May 2, 2015

Hi Rodney...great to see you. Would love to see more Chair Yoga.maybe two chairs. As a yoga teacher myself, it's fun to create and enjoy the chair.

JyotiB, posted on July 1, 2014

Another amazing video.....looking forward to more creative use of the chair.

JyotiB, posted on July 1, 2014

Very nice,,,,,great ideas for the use of a chair.

cristina.ramirez000, posted on March 24, 2014

I was about to take a nap as I was tired, and I decided to try this segment. I think it's very energizing and great for any afternoon, I don't feel like I need that nap after all!

Veggie210, posted on February 21, 2014

Really enjoyed this gentle stretch. Great on a Friday night after a long work week. Will definitely add to my rotation, probably will keep it to Fridays!!

annamichellemyers, posted on January 4, 2014

Very nice way to awaken and stretch, and gently bring breath and awareness into your movement. Will be doing regularly!

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