Sacred Weeds

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Sacred Weeds (1998)


Drugs throughout the ages have affected human behavior, and they are not simply a phenomenon that came to light in the twentieth century. This series examines some of the drugs that have been central to cultural life in the past. In four carefully monitored experiments, volunteers take powerful hallucinogenic or narcotic substances and the viewer sees the actual effects in real time. The substances are all legal and come from plants with a rich cultural history, plants that have been used historically in rituals around the world, but about which little is known today.

Episode List

Fly agaric is a mushroom from the same family of mushrooms as death cap toadstool with a history of sacred ritual use that spans across Europe and Asia. A group of three specialists gather to observe the effects of fly agaric on two volunteers and discuss ...
51 minutes
Salvia Divinorum, also known as the diviner’s sage, is potentially one of world’s most hallucinogenic substances. Three specialists gather to scientifically document, for the first time, the physiological and psychological effects of Salvia.
51 minutes
Henbane, used by ancient cultures to open the gateway to a mystical world, has been linked with demons, black magic and witchcraft. Three experts gather to study the physical, psychological and subjective effects of Henbane on two subjects to determine if ...
48 minutes
The Blue Water Lily, now a rare flower, was once prized above all flowers in Ancient Egypt and may have previously unknown psychoactive properties. Two subjects agree to ingest an infusion and a team of experts discuss and debate on the meaning of the results.
51 minutes

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