Science & Religion

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Science & Religion (2005)


Both science and religion have tried to explain basic questions of human existence. While the debate between science and religion has traditionally been a philosophical question, advances in areas such as quantum physics and cosmology in contrast with the teaching of creationism in many schools have fuelled increased public interest and debate.

While Kepler and Darwin first made it possible for philosophers to understand the physical world without God, Einstein then introduced new questions that science could no longer explain by itself. As the series demonstrates, there is now a growing convergence between these two world views.

Episode List

Taking its cue from best-selling author Dan Brown’s novel, Angels and Demons, this initial episode explores areas where science and religion converge.
51 minutes
Is it possible for science and religion to come to a harmonious explanation of how reality works and how it all may end? This episode asks theologians and scientists to shed life on just where everything came from and where it is going.
51 minutes
Religious, military and economic powers, throughout history, have always acted upon what they considered to be the truth. Yet, the pursuit of that knowledge has often involved hidden motivations including the thirst for power and control.
52 minutes

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