Science vs. God

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Science vs. God (2013)


Does God exist? On this side of death, how would you ever know? In three fast-moving episodes, Science vs God offers an intriguing new approach to the most enigmatic question of all time. Now, in the 21st century, it is widely supposed that science dispenses with such religious mythology.

Science vs God is not primarily about religion. It is a gripping, no-holds-barred series definitively examining whether contemporary science appears to support the existence of a creator or systematically bury “him.” It assembles a world-class cast of “believing” and “unbelieving” scientists – and others – who, in spirited and determined fashion, unleash their arguments as to whether the scientific evidence points to us being here by cosmic chance or because a creator intended it.

Episode List

Its origin shrouded in mystery, operating according to its own laws, described with the precision of mathematics, there is nothing as impressive as the cosmos. So is it all luck? Or does the evidence suggest something more behind our ordered universe?
52 minutes
The evidence for evolution is compelling. Indeed its achievements are so spectacular that they lead to underlying questions about why it is so successful if there is no over-arching mind. In this episode champions of the view that Darwin has buried God ...
53 minutes
Human consciousness may be the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe. Not only does it exist; it’s sophisticated beyond understanding. The big issue: Does the immaterial reality of human consciousness point to an immaterial mind behind the universe?
53 minutes

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