Shamans of the Himalayas

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Shamans of the Himalayas (2011)


In the shadow of the snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India, the ordinary and occult co-exist, as they have for centuries. This is a world of myth and magic, where individualistic gods, goddesses, nature spirits and demons are part of the daily life of local village communities as “living gods.”

Straddling these worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary reality are the shamans, who mediate between the material and spirit worlds. Anu Malhotra, an acclaimed filmmaker, delves into this mysterious and mystical world, telling us that every journey is a quest to unravel the self.

She meets several unforgettable shamans, some of whom are also oracles, trance mediums and exorcists. It is her quest to lift the veil over their shadow worlds.

Episode List

Filmmaker Anu Malhotra meets up with Meru, her local guide for this series, who helps her get a deeper insight in the cultural context of Himachali shamans.
52 minutes
So what makes the shaman such an important part of the community? Anu meets Hardayal, the oracular shaman, and witnesses his divination sessions, where locals “chat” informally with their deity through him.
52 minutes
Now that she has added her personal journey to her professional quest, Anu sets out to explore the character, causes and cures of spirit illnesses, which appear to be rampant around the Kullu Valley.
52 minutes
In her final foray into the mystical world of shamans, Anu finds renewed faith in the healing powers of the divine feminine, the potency of nature and the sacred endurance of shamans in the new age.
52 minutes

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