Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2 - The Body and Beyond

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2 - The Body and Beyond

Seane Corn

Vinyasa Flow 2 series takes you another step beyond the physical. Pick up the pace in this more challenging yet still technically precise Vinyasa yoga practice and continue to increase your strength, flexibility and understanding of the Vinyasa framework. This practice will deepen the connection between the fluid movements, each breath you take and an increasing peace of mind in your life. It will create a place you can go to feel a comfortable, personal connection with both your body and your own sense of Spirit.

Recommended Equipment: Block

This Vinyasa flow yoga video Includes two complete program & practice options with two instructional skills sessions and an additional breath flow session for progressing your skill level as well as a bonus body prayer.

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Episode 1
Episode 1
, 84 minutes
Sweat your prayers with world-renowned instructor Seane Corn. Featuring insightful instruction, she empowers you to explore the spiritual side of your yoga practice.
Available worldwide
Short Form  Video
Episode 2 Short Form
Short Form
Episode 2
, 40 minutes
Pick up the pace to increase your strength, flexibility and understanding in this challenging and technically precise practice with instructor Seane Corn.
Available worldwide
Episode 3
Episode 3
, 78 minutes
With no verbal instruction, this Vinyasa video is perfect for anyone who wants to get into the habit of breathing, deepen their breathing, and use yoga stances to change their state of mind.
Available worldwide
Body Prayer Video
Episode 4 Body Prayer
Body Prayer
Episode 4
, 3 minutes
Renowned instructor Seane Corn guides you through a vinyasa flow yoga practice dedicated to directing love towards a person or intention.
Available worldwide

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alisoncramer, posted on January 31, 2016

This was SO great. I teach vinyasa, and I think Seane did an EXQUISITE job of taking a student from a beginner to a solid, intelligent, thoughtful intermediate practice. So well sequenced and smart. Jai Ma! Thank you and Namaste.

pallasathena222, posted on October 3, 2015

I have had the pleasure of studying with Seane from time to time over the years and to experience her passion for Yoga both on and off the mat. If you don't know the work she does around the world to make change be sure to Google her and her projects! And this short 3 minute video is such a testimony to who she is a person, but what the practice of Yoga offers to the potentiality, wisdom and human-ness in each of us. So beautifully spoken. Thank you Seane and to you Gaiam for what you do to support the Yogic Path.

obgyn, posted on August 23, 2015

Thank you for sharing your vision. I find the mindfulness of the movements and the message helps me let go of all that is not serving me. It helps me become that instrument of God/Spirit that I hope to be.

mommyjiyoga, posted on June 26, 2015

This video doesn't play

kevinkelley61, posted on March 15, 2015

Hi, Ive opened the window and the film doesn't show.. There is not the click play icon or anysort, just video picture display.. contact my email

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on March 16, 2015

@KEVINKELLEY61 - We apologize for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

ckozopas, posted on March 9, 2015

video stopped every 20 to 30 seconds and was extremely frustrating so I quit this video

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on March 9, 2015

@CKOZOPAS - We are so sorry for any frustration. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

emcnic, posted on February 1, 2015

I am an advanced student - the reminders about the alignment were wonderful and I gelt so blissful at the end of the practice. Thank you so much Seane . Your introduction was so beautiful and your practice is a work of art

NicoleUrdang, posted on January 26, 2015

Very good for alignment and pacing. I added some inversions, arm balances, and ab work.

fancydancer, posted on November 14, 2014

Thank you! Exactly what I needed. You are a terrific teacher!!!!!

deana3, posted on August 13, 2014

I enjoyed the short form of Vinyasa Flow. I am a 200 ryt and did find that I needed to add progressional options, such as full plank and upward dog. I added in a full wheel in the finishing poses and a arm balance as that is what my body needed for the day that I practiced with her. I progressed as I needed too. I was happy with the practice and liked her nuggets of cueing. She didn't talk too much and therefore I could be mindful in the practice. The background music was nice. I would definitely do the practice again. I did think it was slightly confusing at times as she did not always cue pose names and that can be a challenge for a beginner. Her attention to breathe is good and I feel that she teaches you to find your edge of the poses. Additional progressions would be nice for the more advanced student,

jfreeman, posted on June 13, 2014

Seane Corn is such an amazing presence. Her spirit lifts out of the screen and blesses you with enthusiasm and energy.

Theresaschore, posted on September 10, 2013

Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I do feel great afterwards. Just the right poses for me. Perfecto! It's a gift to be simple, it's a gift to be free. It's a gift to come down where we ought to be.... You don't always get what you want, but you'll find sometimes you get what you need. Thank you Seane. That was beautiful and magical and I am so thankful for the experience.

christelridao, posted on August 10, 2013

i enjoyed the flow and instruction a lot. feels amazing!

Lo, posted on July 16, 2013

loved it, great instruction!

sswann, posted on March 10, 2013

Just did the short version. Good solid 40 min practice; would be better with more challenging chatturangas and chair poses. Perfect though, for the traveling yogi who might not have the time to drop into a local class on the road.

ayesha28, posted on October 15, 2012

By far my favourite so far. Intuitive sequences, clear instruction and adequately challenging. You will feel amazing afterwards.

sarahmina, posted on March 22, 2012

I really love both the short form and the long form of this. I find her pacing to be just right and instruction about alignment to be really helpful. The breath flow is basically a silent version of the long-form, so you need to have done the long form enough times to have internalized it and therefore you would only look up to check in. Having said this, I've owned this DVD for 5 years and have never done the breath flow.

iamanda, posted on March 15, 2012

The silent yoga brought me in tune, but was hard to stay on track. After switching to the long form I was able to follow better. This is a nice flow; felt peace and inspiration. It was more than a physical practice, it was a devotion to my spirit.

BrettBorders, posted on March 14, 2012

This is as good as yoga instruction gets! A beautiful flow and unique varations on poses - just finished the "Long form" for the first time and I feel incredible!

DeeDee Lynn, posted on January 25, 2012

While this is a beautiful video it is completely impractical to use as a practice. There are no verbal cues given so you have to always watch the screen which is uncomfortable and annoying. If verbal cues were added I'd give it 5 stars.

rastafarilove, posted on December 24, 2011

Sean Corn shares her gift with the world...beautiful!
Giving thanks for the instruction...takes yoga to a higher level...beyond the physical.

perfect love

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