Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds - The Morning Mile Plus Abs

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Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds - The Morning Mile Plus Abs

Leslie Sansone

Energize your morning routine with the brisk mile walking DVD . Leslie Sansone guides you through a simple routine of side steps, marches and gentle kicks that will get your heart pumping and will put a spring in your step. A quick abs segment will boost your metabolism for a slender waistline. A great way to start your day.


The Morning Mile  Video
Episode 1 The Morning Mile
The Morning Mile
Episode 1
, 19 minutes
Start your morning off on the right foot with this brisk paced mile workout.
Available worldwide
Plus Abs  Video
Episode 2 Plus Abs
Plus Abs
Episode 2
, 11 minutes
Exercise guru Leslie Sansone's wake-up workout with 10 minutes of ab exercises
Available worldwide

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mattkath.brinkman, posted on February 16, 2016

This was a great quick but intense workout for abs. I really felt the reverse trunk crunches. I'll be doing these a few times a week. Thanks Leslie!

elisny, posted on April 24, 2014

I'm just starting to get back into shape. This was a great way to start. Really loved it - no difficult moves, yet I could feel the workout without it being so much that I'd want to abandon it. Recommend this for anyone just getting into or back into an exercise routine.

roseen, posted on April 24, 2013

I can do this! Easy to do and focus on the right movements and muscle feel.

roseen, posted on April 24, 2013

At 65 plus with arthritis, this is just the right speed for me right now, i need the movement to lose weight. but cannot tolerate jarring aerobics. simple no dancy steps, as I have 2 left feet. The simplicity allows me to focus on the muscles I'm using and my posture. I really love Leslie's routines.

Kathy Richardson, posted on September 13, 2013

I'm 66, and not looking for dance moves or anything jarring. This is a simple but effective workout. And because it's only 18 minutes, I can fit it in easily into my day.

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