A War to End All Wars

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A War to End All Wars (2010)


World War 1 was one of the most brutal and tragic wars Europe ever faced. There are many tragic tales lost through time and neglect. Robin Thompson guides us through two of these lost tales, bringing to light the tragedy and heroic sacrifices.

This lavish production featuring two fascinating and unique tales of World War I; an absolute must for any World War enthusiast. Each production is historically researched, featuring accurate costumes, historical re-enactments, battle scenes and locations all across Europe. These are stories of a generation we must never forget.

Episode List

We follow UK Broadcaster Robin Thompson as he reveals an untold and tragic tale of Murder on the Hill. Ruthless and incompetent military command resulted in the deaths of many brave men.
48 minutes
In this fascinating journey from 1916 to the present day we learn the story of Corporal Robert Beveridge - a born leader, decorated for bravery in the field. We follow along with Robin Thompson as he explains the lost history of Robert Beveridge.
52 minutes

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