Women Bringing Forth Spiritual Change: A Spiritual Trilogy

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Women Bringing Forth Spiritual Change: A Spiritual Trilogy (2009)


In this 3-part series, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Roberta Cantow explores spirituality with women who are active in bringing forth change. Symbolically, she reframes the blood in women's lives as inextricably bound to the creative life force that resides within all women.

Episode List

Bloodtime – Claiming the Territory brings to light the ironies embedded in a culture that seems simultaneously repelled by, yet drawn to, images of blood in television shows, movies and video games.
21 minutes
Moontime – Celebrating the Blessing incorporates documentary content and visually poetic elements to celebrate a girl's entrance into womanhood.
35 minutes
Dreamtime – Creating Art and Ritual depicts the expressive arts' movement and body politics as we see how women are using art-making and personalized or invented rituals to honor their bodies and celebrate themselves and the life passage events in their lives.
62 minutes

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