Wonders Made by Man

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Wonders Made by Man (2009)


The world abounds with beautiful structures created by mankind – cities, skyscrapers, edifices, memorials, places of worship, pieces of art and craft and even jewelry. Wonders Made by Man takes us through a few known and many other rather unknown structures – ones that most of us may never get to visit in person. The series is an intriguing source of ideas and wisdom for inquisitive minds that want to gain more knowledge about the marvels surrounding them.

Episode List

Explore cultural landmarks of Africa, India and Europe.
23 minutes
Tour the wonders of Peru, Greece and Poland.
23 minutes
Travel to Russia, Egypt and Peru.
23 minutes
Visit sites in North America as well as the Far East.
23 minutes
Explore these special, world-famous sites.
23 minutes

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Tammylynnhoney, posted on June 4, 2015

World wide Architecture is so interesting to see and Experience. Best of all no planned travel required with this library.

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