Yoga for Athletes

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Yoga for Athletes

Kerri Kelly

As an athlete, keeping your body in peak performance is a no-brainer. That’s why yoga is the perfect complement to training and playing hard. Watch your body become more integrated, receptive, and healthy as you practice these asanas with Kerri Kelly. Better flexibility, strength, and body awareness will translate directly from your mat into your sport, making you a master of your temple.

Episode List

This video with Kerri Kelly is designed with the athlete in mind: leveraging yoga’s integrative approach to improve one’s physical health AND enhance athletic ability. It's a challenging and fun practice emphasizing strength, core and ...
36 minutes
When the hamstrings are too tight, they pull the pelvis down into posterior tilt which can 1) add stress on lower back 2) cause misalignment in the hips/knees). So being more flexible is not just about feeling good, more comfortable, but about being ...
36 minutes
In this class with Kerri Kelly we build on our foundation to support upper body opening and awakening. Upper body health is directly connected to the core strength and pelvic alignment. By bringing attention and awareness to this part of the body we enable ...
35 minutes

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pippahague, posted on July 1, 2015

Thanks Kerry - a really enjoyable practice, I can wait to try out the other two ; )

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