Yoga is Relationship

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Yoga is Relationship

Cyndi Lee

Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, relationships take center stage in life. Ultimately, money, career, or achievements don't really matter in the bigger scheme of life. In this series, Cyndi Lee guides you through a series of three asana practices that reveal yoga, in fact, is relationship. Becoming more in tune with your relationships on and off your mat might be just what you need.

Episode List

In this segment of Yoga is Relationship with Cyndi Lee, enjoy a full vinyasa practice for all parts of body, breath and mind that is good for anytime. Instead of thinking of yoga as something linear, like a task that you can check off our list. Find ...
21 minutes
In the second segment of Cyndi Lee's series, Yoga is Relationship, Cyndi guides you through a practice that is 'just enough'. Not too easy or simple, not too challenging. Cyndi uses some traditional poses in a dynamic way to link this practice together ...
32 minutes
The third segment of Cyndi Lee's series, Yoga is Relationship, brings the focus to the bigger picture. In this vinyasa practice, Cyndi guides the exploration of using yoga to feel integrated on and off your mat.
42 minutes

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