Yoga for Weight Loss with Colleen Saidman

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Yoga for Weight Loss with Colleen Saidman

Colleen Saidman

Acclaimed yoga instructor Colleen Saidman creates three results-oriented routines with real women in mind. These energizing practices will burn calories and increase strength, flexibility, balance and focus—all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body.


Total Body Flow Video
Episode 1 Total Body Flow
Total Body Flow (2012)
Episode 1
, 25 minutes
Colleen Saidman
Burn calories and increase mental clarity.
Available worldwide
Whittle Your Middle Video
Episode 2 Whittle Your Middle
Whittle Your Middle (2012)
Episode 2
, 29 minutes
Colleen Saidman
Tone your core with twist and balance poses.
Available worldwide
Strengthen and Energize Video
Episode 3 Strengthen and Energize
Strengthen and Energize (2012)
Episode 3
, 23 minutes
Colleen Saidman
Improve strength and flexibility with this power flow series.
Available worldwide
Bonus Express Video
Episode 4 Bonus Express
Bonus Express (2012)
Episode 4
, 11 minutes
Colleen Saidman
A faster weight loss practice for when you're short on time.
Available worldwide

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gena5, posted on September 18, 2016

it's super fast, but a good workout. this is my go-to when i oversleep and really need to get in a quickie before my uber long work day!

cheriepie, posted on April 6, 2016

The 3 primary videos were great, but I felt the cueing was a bit rushed on the Express one--not nearly as clear and precise as Colleen's usual cueing.

lyn4, posted on March 21, 2016

I've just joined Gaia and love the content. I had previously been practicing yoga from Youtube videos cast to Chromecast so I can view on TV screen.

I've downloaded some Gaia practices to my playlist but when I attempt to play them and cast to Chromecast it is just not working correctly.

I would appreciate some assistance in solving this technical issue please.

Lyn, Australia

KristenL@Gaia, posted on March 21, 2016

Hi LYN4,

Thank you for commenting! I'm sorry that you're having trouble streaming. One of our community relations team members will contact you directly to get some more details and make sure you're able to watch. Thank you for your membership!


mojcah, posted on March 8, 2016

My body feels so good after this. Also somehow released the constriction (pain) from my knee that's been lurking there for weeks now. Feels like good blood flow through the knee during warrior poses helped clear it! Very grateful for this practice

verakenehan, posted on January 12, 2016

Thank you for this wonderful practice.
I keep trying other practices but always come home to you!

viviennemay, posted on October 13, 2015

Love it, felt like doing it all over again…,alas must go and work…...

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 13, 2015

We appreciate hearing from you! Don't forget that you can always add the video to your Playlist to practice again. :)


strauss5marija, posted on September 29, 2015

I feel so good and relaxed after this practise, i need to reccomend to start with first and after do immediattely second oractise like final relaxation and restorative kind of , thank you very very much Coleen you are realy special and what is important with you I feel i can do just anything thank you for you voice so soothing !
Namaste !!!

pimpom, posted on September 28, 2015

Beautiful practice, THANK YOU, checking part two right away, part one was so smooth :)

Part two was just as beautiful, thank you

silvanavazquez, posted on October 4, 2015

thank you for a great practice. My question has to do with how this is part of a weight loss series. How does this practice - and the series it belongs to- assist with weight loss? thanks so much

nicolesgomes, posted on September 14, 2015

Excellent instructor, and great practice it seems effortless even though you are working,

NicoleUrdang, posted on August 2, 2015

Nice, easy practice. Well-rounded.

stefanie.j.holdener, posted on July 21, 2015

I have noticed that some videos say they are added to my library but are not showing up in my Purple player this being one of them. Anyone else having these kinds of problems. Thanks!

AspenM@Gaia, posted on July 21, 2015

Hi there!
Sorry to hear about the trouble. Our Customer Relations team will be reaching out to further assist you. You are also welcome to email us at with any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

alakahalder, posted on December 12, 2015

I'm having the same problems also. Gaia Unplugged support wasn't able to resolve this.

rosanieplius, posted on July 20, 2015

Great workout, and great site overall. I am so glad I watched that Marie Forleo´s chapter where the website was mentioned. This was just what I was looking for...from London, Rosa

strauss5marija, posted on June 25, 2015

Will sometimes Gaiam tv answer on our problem with videos stoping, and I can not at all relax like this to make practise? Why Gaiam never answer to our problems? Only to other comments?

AspenM@Gaia, posted on June 25, 2015

Hi there,

I apologize for any inconvenience. Our Customer Relations Team will be reaching out to assist you with the playback issues you've been experiencing. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at

Thank you!

sfruin, posted on February 14, 2015

Colleen your yoga classes are awesome! Thank you

Chongo, posted on February 12, 2015

Great way to start the day, thank you!

calijem, posted on February 9, 2015

I wasn't sure as I have been doing Ashley Turner's videos past 2 weeks, but something about Colleen's session I loved. She kept it flowing but not to strenuous.

raja, posted on February 6, 2015

This video will not load and play for me

autumngoredove9, posted on November 22, 2014

Colleen does a great job combining her relaxing manner and voice to a series of poses that are intuitively just want my body wants to do next. Surprisingly fast paced as we move quickly from one pose to the next, yet never overwhelming. No matter how many times I do this video, it always feels so great and never gets boring.

KeithA@GTV, posted on November 24, 2014

@autumngoredove9 - It is such a gift when we find a practice we can come back to time and time again. Happy you found your gem!

mandyjo3, posted on September 26, 2014

I felt so good after this class. I loved the nature sounds as well.

JustineK, posted on July 24, 2014

Colleen has the most creative, fun and beautiful stretches as well as working the core. I didn't realise 30mins had gone by I was in my own little world! :)

janie_mcqueen, posted on April 9, 2014

Unlike some other vids I enjoy, but which I kind of "what the clock", this one flew by. It's short, but it's interesting and it makes sense. I loved some new poses I learned. Will return to this one.

stephlah12, posted on March 4, 2014

This has become my favorite yoga practice. It offers a variety of poses not commonly addressed in other instructional videos. I finish this feeling so energized. It's also nice to stretch different muscles that aren't quite used to it! Thank you and namaste!

Kerry6, posted on March 3, 2014

Truly a loving embrace of the feminine body! Thanks you for pace, smile and focus. Namaste!

smcbryde, posted on January 19, 2014

Smooth sequence to one of the best almost effortless stretch videos (yoga or not). Thank you so much.

Dmedtrans, posted on January 18, 2014

THANK YOU for a workout that feels like it's burning calories and getting my heart pumping.... but not so difficult I'm panting to keep up. I'll be doing this one over and over.

lori.b, posted on July 25, 2013

Beautiful setting. Series of poses were easy to follow and clearly explained. I have tried other styles and find that this suits my health issues and knowledge. Thank you for your pleasant and relaxing approach.

banch42, posted on July 23, 2013

A nice flow that manages to reach every part of your body without being too taxing. I like Colleen's style of flow.

pnowling, posted on July 10, 2013

Relaxing yet energizing. This will be my morning flow at least one day a week!

jmlisman, posted on June 8, 2013

A nice way to begin the day. Thank You.

jrdenny, posted on June 3, 2013

I love the way Collen teaches yoga. This makes me look forward to my practice every day.

Jenn1320, posted on May 17, 2013

Great stretching yoga. Beautiful scenery and calming voice.

Elliebelly13, posted on April 30, 2013

I am sure this is a lovely class, but I cannot tell because the audio went longer than the video for whatever reason. This is not acceptable video to have on the site.

jsthomps, posted on April 26, 2013

Love this practice! Perfect for someone new to yoga and hesitant to try.

GrandmaJennifer, posted on March 9, 2013

I was looking for something "quiet" and this "hit the spot!" Most enjoyable. Thank you Colleen!

dpoarch1, posted on March 3, 2013

If you think you'll just skip yoga today, do this. It is just right. Simple, short, no sweat, yet energizing and calming. I was just about to stop my susbscription cuz I just wasn't doin' it. I'll keep it on just for this one if nothing else!

beringiaz, posted on February 4, 2013

Oh my gosh! This was such a great yoga sequence: creative, energizing, and relaxing.I look forward to doing this again!

Veggie210, posted on January 24, 2013

Like this a lot...very simple to follow and short. I have been having a hard time focusing in live classes. An hour has become way too long for me, so the timing on these are perfect. At the point where my brain starts to wander, the practice is over, LOL. I practiced live with Colleen and her husband Rodney Yee last year. She seems to have a very sweet spirit.

19usha, posted on January 24, 2013

I have been practicing yoga for near on 30 years and I often do my own Vinyasa flow. However I always try to find new inspiration. This is a great practice. It is clear, calm and even though it looks simple, it is challenging. As I am nearing my 60ties, I find some classes just a bit too much nowadays and come back to this practice again and again. I especially love the Total Flow. I also have been practicing Qi Gong in the past and she seems to incorporates some of the exercises, which I adore. Energetic movement and breathing. This is a great short practice. It covers everything. I love it!!!

mctycain, posted on January 22, 2013

Very easy to follow. So peaceful and effective!

Nancy, posted on January 17, 2013

I really love being able to mix and match my workout with the three different practices. Colleen's instructions are so clear and precise, it makes the practice very easy to follow.I also enjoy the interesting sequencing.

sweetthistle8, posted on January 15, 2013

I loved this! As the other reviews said the clear directions made it easy to follow, and she doesn't have an affected "yoga voice", just clear, confident, calm instruction. I was able to follow along the 1st time without craning my neck to see what she was doing. The program itself was challenging for a beginner without being overwhelming and left me feeling energized and accomplished. The background was really lovely and transporting without being distracting (no crashing waves, etc.) I will definitely be revisiting this series again and again.

Jazelyoga, posted on January 14, 2013

Short and easy to follow. She speaks so clearly that I don't have to look at the screen to see what she is doing. I very much enjoy the outside nature setting. I will continue to do her program.

2missjulie, posted on December 28, 2012

These are three excellent routines. I enjoy using them consecutively, all in a row, for one long comprehensive work-out, and feel wonderful, healthy and energized-yet-calm, afterwards. In this DVD you get a little bit of everything: backbends, standing poses, arm-work, twists, core/abdominal work, delicious stretches and lots of strengthening; all presented in a flowing order that feels almost dance-like . The verbal instruction is clear, calming and accurate and aside from a sticky mat, you don't need any props. I appreciate the thought that went into the planning of this program, and must say that I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Happily surprised to find it on GaiamTV. I plan on revisiting it again and again.

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