Wisdom Teachings: [#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials Video
[#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials
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Wisdom Teachings: [#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials (May 2013)

Season 2, Episode 4
Available worldwide

Ancient civilizations may have had far more contact with extraterrestrial beings that we do in modern times and the bible may be the most extensive historical record of such activity. David Wilcock begins to unravel the secrets of angels and extraterrestrials as he reveals the meanings of common words found in the bible, such as angel and heaven. When we understand these words, various biblical passages very clearly describe prominent extraterrestrial activity. What we thought we knew about ancient civilizations and prophecies is about to change with this original presentation originally webcast May 20, 2013.

David Wilcock


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daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

That last frame looks like Ahura Mazda the lord of Wisdom and of Light. (good guy, and likely Jesus's dad) And look at the cone in his hand. Isn't that like the cones Michael Tellinger finds all over SA that most likely were used in sound energy manipulation?

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

How funny would it be if all the planets came together to make a super structure like Vultron or Tranzor Z? I call driver for Earth!

jyps, posted on April 13, 2016

Some pretty good stuff. Easy to follow for first time watchers of this program. I was a cosmic disclosure watcher and am now hooked. I am trying to crush episodes to catch up.

mrgraham.eadie, posted on September 6, 2016

I'm playing catch up also lol. Just started watching Deep space also, very interesting stuff :)

wm, posted on February 11, 2016

Catching up to 2016, ha ha! Another informative and educational integration of "ten thousand different things." I'm up to date with all of the Disclosure & Cosmic Disclosure episodes, a smattering of the George Noory & Regina Meredith & Michael Tellinger ones, and a few others, and I studied about 25-35% of Wisdom Teachings including all of Seasons 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 18, & 19...now back in the 3rd and just pushing thru. Topics I had little interest in now make sense as part of the whole. So while it feels as if I'm going backwards, it's good to know the current episodes stand on their own. It's also awesome to see more & more of the Bigger Picture with these past episodes, too. Thanks, Gaia TV!


thatcrazytoaster, posted on January 19, 2016

How do you know it's a wrist watch and not a piece of jewelery?

thatcrazytoaster, posted on January 18, 2016

is some of this information from the "Galactic Codex?"

markdesign14, posted on January 5, 2016

Do ET's watch this show?
If they do they should leave a comment.
That would be an interesting conversation.

mrgraham.eadie, posted on September 6, 2016

According to some of the programs i've watched we're the aliens lol, a genetically modified version of the ape, our original inhabitants.

Live long and prosper :)

joe19stocker46, posted on January 13, 2016

That would be great!

happihr, posted on December 4, 2015

Aloha I am from the generation of 1952. I grew up near Mt Shasta, California , my parents best friends whom lived in Junction City, Ca. had a ship land in their back yard . This incident was not spoken about. Thank you for ALL of the info you share. Peace love light

danlaycy, posted on September 23, 2015

hi david, love your videos, ive already subscribed to GAIM and each video you have a few minutes of you selling subscriptions, and another few minutes recapping the episode i just watched! just wanted to point out that maybe first episode of each series would work better for that IMHO

ben.james.thatcher, posted on July 21, 2015

Just want to thank David Wilcock for his work!

rivasp, posted on April 9, 2015

Love the show David. This information is invaluable if you're paying attention. What a gift. Thank you man!

rshanks, posted on March 13, 2015

My word David, this is getting annoying as hell, every show you spend 20% t0 40% of the time reviewing the previous show!! No more than 2-3 min should be spent in reviewing shows! People can watch the bloody episode if they want a review!! Get with it will you.

markdesign14, posted on January 5, 2016

Its just to tie everything together and helps the fresh information mature (become concrete) in your mind.

me96, posted on May 29, 2014

Us 3rd dimensional beings feed off 2nd dimensional beings which feed off of 1st dimensional beings. ie human->plants/animals->soil/minerals. The 4th dimensional sky gods if you will feed off of our energy. If this planet becomes more negative then the demons in the battle of heaven will have more energy to feed off and could start winning.

chris.cornelius1, posted on May 14, 2014

I always at least fast forward 10-15min just to skip the repeat information

yecidortega, posted on January 12, 2014

I always wonder if any of you ( David) have heard the works of Juan Jose Benitez from Spain who has done such an amizing work in this area for a long time and nobody seems to give him credit. For me it seems that only the west ( USA) has the word on this topics:


msulk, posted on January 7, 2014

Dear David,
Don't you see that this ridiculous figurines you are showing are poor, corrupted copies of the Egypian art? Don't you know that Jews hated both Egyptians, Cannnanites- believers of the poor Baal and practicaly they hated all other gods of other people except their own envious , horribly jealous god whose name they even feared to pronounce. and this is basically the whole theme of the Bible- them Jews fighting to defend their envioius god ! Bible is essentially the history of the Jews but from a very much biased point of view or rather the stuff of legend and myth.
I think that is why the Jews kept over the ages getting themselves into trouble with almost eveybody else. That's why they become hated in Europe, and Asia because they believe that they are the chosen ones. What this has to do with the humanity as the whole? They are chosen, all the rest is not? Are we not the children of te same Father in Heaven. Are some races better than the other? Please stop this nonsense with the extraterrestial evidence in the Bible. There isn't any.
Good luck to you but I am afraid that you keep mixing up and cofusing many things altogether. David you are cooking the hot stuff that may not be to easy to swallow by many , many people. and remember the Golden Age is still some time away...

Peacefullyvictorious, posted on October 19, 2014

This information is one piece of the puzzle,,, Jewish history like every other history points to contact w sky people. Your attack on David is an attack on yourself;) I invite you to soften your gaze;) namaste :))

authorfleeman, posted on December 23, 2013

David, the plan is CERN. look this up, and please have a program dedicated to CERN and why all the energy
is changing. The truth of this matter!

See my facebook, and study the timeline. I am no longer on facebook, but study and know what is
happening, globally.


Lindi Fleeman

mysteryx93, posted on June 26, 2013

Extra-terrestrials are people like us who live on different planets, who can have varying levels of consciousness. Angels are spirits in the astral field who are not incarnated into physical bodies. I'm sure there are incarnated beings on other planets who have a very high-level of harmony with the powers of the Universe, but these are two completely different notions. DON'T MIX THEM TOGETHER!!

gennyhairstyles, posted on May 30, 2013

If you would like to understand David Wilcocks work you must go to his website and learn more in depth as gillian said below. It all ties together as you will see and if you are ready to understand. He is really going over things that are going on right now in our world and touching on the history of our past on subjects we did not learn in depth about in regular school. The history to him is important to teach, so we can then understand his present day concepts. He teaches science and spirituality, so his beliefs are very different then mainstream, but very profound if you take the time to really dig into his work. Check David out on Divinecosmos.com and you will see. He is very humble about his teachings as well and I don't feel him trying to act like a guru or anything like that. Good luck:)

alazaruso117, posted on April 25, 2014

Indeed, David is obviously a very learned individual when it comes to the subjects. I myself have been a member of a traditional school of philosophy for just over 5 years as well as having studied various religious/ philosophic teachings, Kabbalah, Tarot, etc for even longer and still there are things he pulls together for me into a more coherent whole . It appears the people who are upset about him "mixing ETs with Angels" etc, have not studied the myths of ancient traditions or enough of all the various sacred texts to "get it". As he already says in the videos though none of these are new concepts; mystery schools of all ages and even those existing now have taught these things. Jesus himself was initiated in the Great Pyramid. The "missing" years of his life correspond with his time in the mystery school of ancient Egypt. Peace Profound.

firestar66c, posted on May 29, 2013

Did anybody else notice that the wristband Moloch was shown wearing in one of its illustrations resembles that of an annunaki wristband? Wonder what was the cause for that scause? Lol

alissashores, posted on May 23, 2013

I must suggest to those who have a hard time following they read the LAW OF ONE. It is 5 books in total. The depth of the universe is your responsibility to learn by doing your homework & mediation. David goes far beyond his service to others in just one of his lengthy blogs. The messages are simple. THERE IS NO END TO YOURSELF. Become aware of infinity. The Law of One will answer all of your questions & help you follow David. This material may be over your head, but this is a catalyst for you to use in search for cosmic truth which you have the right & free will to ignore. Start reading the law of one. It is the material that forever changed Davids life...and now my own. Go forth and rejoice in the love and light of the one infinite creator!

firestar66c, posted on May 29, 2013

LynnSt.Germain, posted on May 22, 2013

this guy is all over the place. can anyone tell WHF he is talking about or where he is going with all that he says?
I realize many think he is some new age gure with special info, but give me a break. He is all over the page. Who can follow him? I have tried and he drives me nuts.

joe19stocker46, posted on January 13, 2016

David does a good job telling where he gets his info. If you can't follow, read some of the books and papers he states as sources.

moonhawkcenter, posted on March 6, 2014

WHF David's talking about? (1) SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE that has been repressed by an elite few in order to control us, and (2) HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE about the people responsible for this repression. Since knowing this overturns everything else we think we knew before, it's a HUGE subject. It's really difficult and, yes, crazy-making, to realize that just about everything we think is false and potentially damaging to others. Who can blame you for not wanting to deal with this?
And it's true that having our beliefs wiped out puts us in a place of fear, which leads to anger at whoever caused it. I hope you'll stick with this until the light dawns.
Because the truth you're so gamely trying to understand, despite negative reactions and incomprehension, will eventually bring us everything we want and need. It's our own fear that's driving us nuts.

mariseag, posted on February 6, 2015

Very well said!

Theresaschore, posted on September 14, 2013

You aren't ready for the material yet. Don't push it. I had similar experiences with other things. Just breathe (as David says).

mail9, posted on June 18, 2013

If you are not interested, look at the videos you are interested in, and some day, maybe you come back. Im not trying to be cocky, Im just saying that if you have a hard time understanding whats up with the ideas and conclusion he comes up with, try something else for a while. I believe that everything sums up in the end, one way or another. If his conclusions are true, you will find them at other sources as well.
But if you want to give him a try, and really want to understand, I recommend you to read his blog (as other mentioned) and read his book "source field investigations". I wish I could borrow you my copy. I dont see him as a guru, and I would not recommend anyone to buy into all of his thoughts. Not because i believe they are not accurate, but because I think its never a good idea to look at a single person as the ultimate source of truth.

SKANYUH, posted on May 25, 2013

I have to agree with you Lynn-it's not the content being presented here, it is the presentation in and of itself...I thought it was just my ADD.

gillian_gipson, posted on May 22, 2013

The content he is trying to explain is vast. I understand completely where you're coming from. Imagine being a toddler trying to understand the way the world works in 30 minute segments...and in between those weekly 30 minute segments it just goes black. It is not natural to learn this way...it is natural to learn hands on, yet we have been deprived of that. There is so much info out there...check out youtube or just scroll through David's blog. He is incredibly thorough :)

gennyhairstyles, posted on May 21, 2013

This show explained alot about who angels are and how words we use in our religious books for certain things people saw in the past could actually be looked at in a whole new light. Your words ring true to me, I enjoyed the show most certainly, thank you!

elsavelazquez1, posted on May 21, 2013

all day? Do they HAVE day n Night?? Do they draw n color or make music or bake cakes? Do they have pets??? do they think of US as pets??? do they date? do they woo each other?? do they play games?? do they think things are beautiful or cute? do the incubated hybrid babies know their mommy loves them?? n wishes to meet them?? n introduce em to their human cousins?? do they KNOW they have parents? DO they HAVE parents?? do the hybrids who walk among us know they are hybrids? do they love each other like family?? do they get to pick each other or are assigned? :D!! )

I am curious about why it's important to present that different ETs/angels are at war, that there are the "good" vs the "bad." In the 2013 Citizen's Hearing, the South American counties said all their encounters with ETs were benevolent, and they attributed it to a society that does not focus on or participate in war. The Golden Era is to be a truly abundant and peaceful time for ascending humans on earth (everyone), yes? Could it also be for the ETs? If so, would it benefit the ETs if I only focus on something like technologies, or communications, etc? Something removed from emotional charge? Neither positive nor negative, for that perpetuates ying yang. The more "good vs bad" I point out, the more good or bad charge that results so things balance out. To be tired of earth wars only to discover there is more of the same beyond earth is ...big sigh. Please tell me that life forms more intelligent than us, and more intelligent than those "benevolent n malevolent angel/ET warriors," spend their efforts on something more interesting than cowboys and indians, the hatfields vs mccoys? Even if that IS the case, "the secret" is to not focus on peace or war, but on creating more paths for god's(s') expression beyond the stuff that we have already known for kalpas n baktuns n lifetimes.

btw, if i wrote you every time i thought something u said was great my beautiful boyfriend would think i was obsessed n your lovely wife might get a gun like gwen steffani got a gun (ha!). my fave one so far is your interview with noorey on the rainbow body. the information, the range, n the way you compile it then present is using stuff like movies is awesome!! A++++!!

thank u!! -elsa velazquez (btw, they visit me n we mostly talk how math n art makes more math n art n they fix my body. they come in different forms. n i know i am going from duality (mayan, etc) to nonduality (learned bout it as buddhist n from shamans), n that is a big part of my shift. i'm not related to any important politicians, so i KNOW my ancestors are too smart to waste their time on wars, they are busy making beautiful spaces for me to play in for future incarnations in other places.

alissashores, posted on May 23, 2013

Hello. You have questions as we all do. The simple idea of war to me is enough to keep me awake for nights at a time. Why do we have war. I have read & watched every war documentary looking for solutions. The answer came after reading the Law Of One. A humble messenger reported that our lives take place in a fractal mind/body/spirit evolution kind of universe. There are different densities - we currently incarnate the 3rd density.... the entities who reside here still see the purpose for battle. Higher densities beyond the fourth density do not see the purpose (5th,6th,7th D). The focus should be on evolution towards these higher densities. How do we get there? RIGHT? As far as good vs bad....the law of one will state there is no right or wrong....we either polarize to service to self or service to others. That is what causes war "out there." You have entities who exist in the time/space realms that work at getting you & me 3rd density mind/body/spirit complexes to polarize to service to self. They spread messages of doom. Which that is all they can do. Somehow we make the worst of our free will & do the most ridiculous things such as drop a nuclear bomb. The whole planet will have to go through healing. It is a life changing book. If you watched this 30min video you must - look at the Law Of One. Heck it could be free online....?

firestar66c, posted on May 29, 2013

elsavelazquez1, posted on May 21, 2013

maybe there is a table/grid/list? plz apply these questions to greys, interdimensionals, nordic-featured, n all others, yes?
are they born telepathic? r they born able to walk/fly on their own? r they "born"? what can they do that we can't? what are concepts that exist for them but nor for us? do they have leisure time? are the ones that visit us picked like military are picked here? can any of em visit us? do they try to teach us how to communicate with them? do they wonder about us like we wonder bout our pets? do they communicate using heart n mind chakra? or do they have more chakras? do they even have something like chakras? do they take baths? do they pick that incarnation? do they have someone similar to jesus or buddha that is from beyond where they are from? do they think about what is beyond them? do they feel there are places they have not explored? do they agree that mind is man's final frontier? do they see in infrared like predator? have they undergone or will undergo evolutions? what do they think bout fact that we poop n burp (i know, crass, but im really curious n i wish we didnt have to do that). what do they think of breatharians like jazmuheen n Wiley Brooks? do they pray? do they have bad words? do they feel things like fear or shame? or do they have feelings we can't comprehend? do they have hopes n dreams? if there are any that were once human do they recollect their incarnations? do they rest? who raises them n to what age? how are the interdimensional geometric shapes born or made? which ones are closest to creator? what are their opinions or knowledge bout creator(s)? is there anything about us that they wish they could do? do they love us? do they love us like creator loves us? are they born with a "veil" at all, about anything, like how us humans don't really know our missions outright? do they feel they exist in simultaneous existences? how do they grapple with parallel universes n not having to live in linear time illusion? are there any of em that wish they could hang out with us? are they eager to mingle with us? what do they think bout our conclusions bout Mr Loyd Pyes starchild or Ata the humanoid? etc etc. thank u!!

nusomjeani, posted on May 20, 2013

Oh boy! The content here just keeps getting more interesting! I wait all week for Mondays new show! Thank you!

wdweb36, posted on June 1, 2013

I am not sure why folks feel the need to criticize. I completely understand where David is coming from. It is easy if you have a long history of study in the areas he is covering. What I don't understand is, if you don't get it, why do you need to criticize? Just walk away. No one really cares whether you get it or not. However, it would be to your advantage if you did. You would not sound so uninformed.

elsavelazquez1, posted on May 21, 2013

kylelbond4, posted on September 19, 2016

I am here to only find truth I was abducted last year by white/grey 3 to 4 foot tall ETs they took me at least over 10 times, they spoke to me one time, I was laying on my bed I heard a thump on the roof, I felt them in my room,,, I told them I loved them... I heard a giggle and it said to me O RELLY in my mind it spoke to me, I said yes then they were doing something to my head, then I blacked out , I woke up set up faced my closet when I went to stand up,, a arm went across my chest I went paralyzed and fall in my closet,, it fall with me trying to save me from hurting my self,, they seem okay,,, but after all my experience with them I feel like I am being judged by god

supernatural9th, posted on September 17, 2016

Thank you. It's true that what David is teaching is highly valuable. I'm in the process of reading The Law of One and I appreciate your encouraging comments to dive into that book. Peace

sharon.wanat, posted on October 16, 2016

It all makes perfect sense to me

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