Wisdom Teachings: [#11] Faces of the Gods Video
[#11] Faces of the Gods
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Wisdom Teachings: [#11] Faces of the Gods (May 2013)

Season 2, Episode 5
Available worldwide

In times immemorial the gods walked the earth, building empires and temples as they cultivated early cultures. Remnants of fantasy and folklore are all that remain of their grandeur. Still, their images persist! Carved in stone and cast through the ages, we still know the faces of these ancient gods. David Wilcock reveals the faces of the ancient gods found worldwide, all with startling similar features in this unique presentation originally webcast May 27, 2013.

David Wilcock


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solstice92, posted on September 18, 2016

The same tone and color of blue as the Hindu gods.

georgeboisse, posted on August 18, 2016

Does the same thing happen to other planets/moons/etc in the solar system, as to the wobbling effect?

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

What if that seemingly braided hair on the side of the head isn't hair at all, but rather a plug or a cord of some type. Maybe she's uploading info, or others are downloading enlightenment she freely shares with someone and this is the representation of that. I doubt hair ever came into play with these deities. Why would there be such emphasis on the shape of their skulls if an artist, being creative in nature was able to depict them with a beautiful, flattering breeze flowing through their majestic hair? No. I think the thing on her head looks more like a multi-tap device more or less zip-tied together like you would a bundle of fiber optics cables when installing comms (communications) in a panel. Maybe I see that because of my electrical background, but to me it's obvious that it isn't hair at all... :-)

west.crosby, posted on March 25, 2016

Some of those "elongated skulls" could be an afro trimmed to honor ancestors. There are a lot of tribes with this hairstyle.

sara_robins, posted on March 3, 2016

Could someone please help me to better understand LST. I went to the website http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/sidereal2-post.sh as well as http://www.jgiesen.de/astro/astroJS/siderealClock/ I understand that it varies by 4 minute everyday but I don't understand why the time is constantly running or changing. I am in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Much appreciation,

wm, posted on February 22, 2016

Another informative journey thru the Rabbit Warren with the Postmodern Shaman! I appreciate how David Wilcock grasps relationships between so many far-flung things, objects, stories, myths, histories, artifacts, etc., & attempts to integrate them all into the One. Doesn't mean DW is accurate on every account, and still its provocative, inspiring, and even funny. Especially as I go back to material released 3 yrs ago or so to catch up to now in 2016.

Thank you.


kwpott, posted on February 1, 2016

You sure read what you want to read into the great Seal. You have no proof it's a quote from anything. It's latin, and means what it says. There's no proof its an "encoding", or means anything other than what it says. It may not even be important if it does mean anything. Who's to say that the Masons had the answer anyway.
I tend to believe a lot of what you purport, but what you call "proof" is scientifically far from proof. Your prood consists of a large number of beings that say the same thing. All that really proves is "conspiracy" not necessarily truth.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on June 14, 2015

If a second star or sun were something we orbited, it would have been found by, if not by super telescopes, then radio telescopes~~ even if the star were a brown drarf or a black burn~out core, it would have been found. I hope David or someone would show me how I am wrong. Thanks

mjanz, posted on August 13, 2015

He did explain this a few episodes back-

markdesign14, posted on January 5, 2016

Which one?

quantumjohn, posted on June 2, 2015


quantumjohn, posted on June 2, 2015

I think I have met Elohin , and he knows Yahweh and also likes to watch Gaiam .

quantumjohn, posted on June 2, 2015

Helen keller did not see
Helen keller did not hear
Helen keller was
one serpent rises
orange goes better with green
lightning goes out
but can't get out
that's too bad
you can't have it all
where would you put it

quantumjohn, posted on June 2, 2015

wiggles wabble , but they don't fall down .
and so does the moon .

the colors are on all four sides of the circle .

shellie.noyes, posted on April 6, 2015

David, This information and research you have compiled into this series is amazing and wonderful! I have spent my entire life wondering and questioning these symbols throughout the bible and mythology. Your work is giving me a feeling of security and wholeness almost inexplicable. Since Dec. 21, 2012, I've had this sort of disappointed feeling that it could take another couple of lifetimes or more to reach the golden age Now I feel ecstatic to know the process is speeding up and look forward to continuing my education in this Wisdom Teachings series and on.
Thank you so much for this blessed work!

centurion458, posted on December 31, 2014

I wish I had joined sooner. Thank you for your efforts and info.

ninar57, posted on August 30, 2014

mark and elizabeth prophet, who founded the summit lighthouse, claimed to be akhenaten and nefertiti reincarnated. they did bear an uncanny resemblance.

pollyannawilson, posted on July 30, 2014

I love your shows!! Watching each episode 2-4 times each. Love the information and full on absorbing it. Thank you for this awesome channel! Wondering something and noticing that you wear the color Purple a lot. Almost instinctually know that it is a magical color with significant meaning. Had a reading once and almost all the cards had purple as the main color - very cool!
Keep up the great work! Okay... why do you wear purple? :)

jkallday007, posted on July 25, 2014

Was not Akhenatens Son.. He was Seti the firsts Son

Naturcare, posted on June 1, 2014

Very informative! Very well presented! Easy to understand even for nonscientists! Love all the information you have to offer! You must have started at birth to have collected and understood what you're presenting. Thank you so much for sharing!

sandyhale1205, posted on April 29, 2014

I enjoy this programming. Would like to see a little less repetition, but I appreciate David's enthusiasm.

milamaren, posted on April 3, 2014

I think it is not appropriate to say that Moctezuma thought that Cortez was a God. That's part of the story told by the conquistadores. If you think about it, the leaders of the Mexicas such as Moctezuma or Cuahutemoc were warriors, and priests, they were very well prepared in all the science and arts, so I don't think they were so stupid to mistake Cortez with an enlightened being such as Quetzalcoatl just because his skin was white of because they were riding horses and carrying fire weapons. This is what is taught in schools but I think that needs to be researched further because it doesn't make any sense.

vos.elizabeth, posted on March 19, 2014

'Green Tara' is a Tibetan Buddhist deity, and as the name implies, is green. Seems to go along with what you pointed out about Osirus and the rest!

christine08, posted on February 16, 2014

Thank you so much for all you do David and all you share. The one thing that's frustrating for me sometimes is how much review every video has from the previous one....Especially when I am watching so many in a row as I just became a member and I am watching you from the beginning. I will also email you some questions for your consideration. Again, thank you David!

yecidortega, posted on January 12, 2014

Have you guys seen this video of an Australian Death Metal band:
Aversions Crown - Overseer

josephmckenna0, posted on November 9, 2013

I was completely awestruck by the sculptures of Nefertiti, Akenhaten and Meritaten. I've seen depictions of them before but these particular ones appear so surreal and alien. Imagine living at a time when these beautiful, psychic, extremely intelligent beings walked among us. Just looking at these images I can feel their presence. As David said it's obvious these humans are from elsewhere.

sylgr84, posted on October 6, 2013

I appreciate the reccaps, so much informations need recaps to record properly the info, then be able to share it!

sjperrini, posted on September 6, 2015

I like the recaps too!

denmar2, posted on April 5, 2014

I also appreciate the recaps because it cements in my mind previous teachings and helps me transition to the new information. I am watching the episodes one by one, but I think the recaps would be very useful for someone who is dropping in.

mail9, posted on June 18, 2013

I like this episode, especially the parts about the egyptians. Their body with the thin upper body and funny looking tommy (and pretty great ass if i may say so) looks exactly like my body. Even the line about 1 dm underneath the navel is there :) Even more funny is that Ive got a longer scull as well. When I was born, my mother first thought that there was something wrong with me, that I was sick, because i didnt cry and she said I had an "alien scull" and that the nurses rushed me out from the room as soon as I came out. But I was fine. Because here I am, livin and kickin! When I was a young child I dreamed a lot about egypt. I wanted to travel there some day. But I cant stand heat and the sun is killing me because im really sensetive to light so that dream I dropped a long time ago! In fact, I dont have the slightest interest of travel at all (physically). I still got a little bit longer scull, but its not looking weird or anything like Nefertiti statues. But you can se it if you tighten my hair or feel with the hand. Some people say they have "the body of a god" and mean Buddah. Now I can say Ive got the body of a God: "some of the good egyptic pharaos". Well its something!

Theresaschore, posted on September 14, 2013

Glad to see you got confirmation here. Your comment really touches me, I am so happy for you. About to watch the video for the first time and started reading the comments before loading. I am shaped more like a Pygmy. A white female Italian Pygmy. Love, blessings and joy your way.

bsklodowski, posted on June 3, 2013

I'm really enjoying your program... a lot of it I've seen in various bits and pieces from other sources, but the way you're pulling it all together really helps. .... Now make sure you do your post-production editing! Lots of flubs in this video that were obvious edit points.

YangChrisYin, posted on May 30, 2013

Thank You, I Really Love Your Show And Look Forward To Next Week :)!!!!

gennyhairstyles, posted on May 30, 2013

The show was great! Love the history of the different cultures and the in depth information about what the cultures drawings were. Keep up the good work, thank you:)

veritofoglio, posted on May 30, 2013

I'm not a computer person,, can u help....I already changed the flash player option...I'm using a samsung galaxy tablet..

koala, posted on May 30, 2013

If you're producing this show to help immortalize the information, and want this series to be useful and educational decades from now, I think you need to make some changes to the show structure. For one, there's still too much recapping. It's frustrating watching each episode back-to-back, and having to skip the first 10-15 minutes. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, so it would make more sense to dedicate 90% of the episode to fully explaining a specific idea. This episode in particular didn't seem to have a clear point to make. It kind of felt like a rushed, unorganized "Angels and Extraterrestrials" part 2. I'd like to see each episode as complete on its own, and full of new information that's organized in a logical, time-efficient way. I'd also like for this series to speed up a little, and cover more ground. If production or time constraints are causing these problems, I would be just fine with you cutting back to a new episode every 2 weeks if it means a higher quality series.

I really like your blog, and since finding it about 7 months ago, it has had a very positive impact on my outlook on life. I like the genuine enthusiasm and lightheartedness you're bringing to this series ("NASA's Hottest Secret".. literally lol), but overall I feel slightly let down so far. I've been really impressed with your work David, so I hope eventually this show will equal the value I find in your blog. Namaste. :P :)

Theresaschore, posted on September 14, 2013

I need it. I get tingly when I hear the info. It stays in my head if I hear it again. I don't have time to rewatch the previously seen videos, which I was doing for the first 8 videos. I am thankful for the Pete and Repete.
Pete and Repete were on a bridge. Pete jumped off. Who was left?

taoss, posted on June 14, 2013

I concur that there is way too much recapping. None of the other Gaiam TV presentations by other hosts do that and we all manage to keep up. That said, once the recapping is finally over, the new information is appreciated and valuable. New commers to this presentation can go back to the first broadcast and go forward to catch up just like the rest of us would do with other hosts. Thanks Gaiam.

ravinalarson8, posted on June 6, 2013

I concur on the recapping issue.

alissashores, posted on June 1, 2013

I think it is really cute that he recaps so much, his adorable! I think DW is the cutest & nerdiest guy ever. So with all the recaps... at least we know the people watching all the way up to the 11th episode so far - WILL KNOW THE INFORMATION!!!! Each person will have the Wisdom Teachings stored & ready to share, when the moment strikes with our friends & we have the opportunity to share this very radical transforming information & wisdom. You are not likely to forget any small detail with each recap. I have to take notes on his blogs to sort through my own way & then cross reference. At his weekend seminar the slides sometimes will go to fast before I can even finish my handwriting (laugh) - just wait till he gets to the nested spheres within an atoms nucleus. This section of the first 20 are easy for some, others can't keep up...I feel like once we get further we may need even more recap. The source field is everywhere all the time. We have to share what we learn precisely correct so there is no unwanted distortions to the law of one.

koala, posted on June 4, 2013

My opinion is still that the recapping is redundant. If someone doesn't fully understand the information, they can just replay the episode as many times as needed. With how the show is structured right now, it's inefficient if your intention is to re-watch multiple episodes to review the information. I just wanted to point this out for David and co. to consider.

denmar2, posted on April 5, 2014

Koala, your statement that recapping is redundant is redundant! Personally, I appreciate the recapping.

alissashores, posted on June 1, 2013

I meant this first section of 11 episodes is easy for some - hard for others (not 20)

chandira2012, posted on May 29, 2013

Please add recently added option on Roku widget for smart TV. It wasted so much time to search for this episode on the gaiam Tv widget on Roku, and eventually had to go on a computer and search under recently added, start the program and then go back to the TV and start Resume option. Having the recetly added option on the Smart TV app would be very very helpful.

awakenedandaware, posted on May 29, 2013

Keep them coming :)

Lukevassallo, posted on May 29, 2013

seanbarrie, posted on May 28, 2013

nusomjeani, posted on May 28, 2013

Patiently awaiting next weeks video! Daily would suffice but I can wait! I think?

rkenter, posted on May 27, 2013

Great show, with a nice 'flow', David.


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