Wisdom Teachings: [#12] Skeletons of the Gods Video
[#12] Skeletons of the Gods
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Wisdom Teachings: [#12] Skeletons of the Gods (June 2013)

Season 2, Episode 6
Available worldwide

We have seen images, carved by ancient cultures, of human like gods with elongated heads and large eyes. These images cannot be been passed off as mere fantasy when compared to skeletal remains with similar features. David Wilcock puts together the last of the pieces of this ancient mystery in this fascinating presentation originally webcast June 3, 2013.

David Wilcock


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randigerber, posted on August 17, 2016

The figurines are giving signs that Free Mason's and Mormon's use in their Temple ceremonies. The right hand is raised to the square and the left hand is in the cupping shape and down. This is a sign they use.. I believe this is the sign of the Son if I remember correctly. I was once a Mormon. They call it the second token of the priesthood. And two people give the sign to each other just like in the picture. I think it was originally taken from Free Masonry.

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

They all have common humanoid features. They all seem to be symmetrical creatures. These are characteristics of things we at least know do in fact develop on this planet, yes? Then who's to say these aren't all inter-terrestrial beings? Species with origins here on this planet, in different phases of evolution. Mix that with some of the corrupted-flesh spoken of in the Bible, and you have genetic manipulation going on as well. Or some accidental Philadelphia Experiment-type stuff happening. This meshing together after botched teleportation experiments.

The argument: Who's to say there aren't members of each of these humanoid species underground right now, whom may have originally gone under to escape cataclysmic events on our planet's surface? With millions upon millions of years of evolutionary development over us, they could easily have all evolved from a similar strain of humanoid. A craft is perfected when it can seemlessly navigate air and WATER with ease-of-transition. So some are seen here still because they're coming from under us, not above us. Others took their chances with space travel during these ancient catastrophes perhaps, but that doesn't make them extraterrestrial. That makes then explorers. The inhabitants of neighboring planets may very well be different forms of us that have ventured out from home planet Earth, to go where they hadn't before (Star Trek rip). And maybe it's a combination of original inhabitants of our planet on a voyage, and extra terrestrials that come into contact with one another during these seemingly epic battles between "Good and Evil." Maybe the allies we have are allies because they're protecting a common home: Earth. And the Baal-esque creatures are either a representation of our need to purge ourselves from sin to ascend into a higher form of being like our allies, or it's a physical divide of such, that must, for some reason happen in the so-called material world, rather than in the mind, or as Bill Donahue says, the "Christ Conscience."


daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

What's to say the Dogu weren't depicted accurately? Who's to say that the Dogu didn't leave behind a sentinel or guardian, perhaps a mechanical droid? Or if another species didn't come in and, perhaps maliciously, force the people to regard them as they did the Dogu so the distinction is marred and lost to time? If we're just throwing out personal opinions and hail-mary conclusions anyway, which is what it seems these shows are threaded together with, then one idea is just as good as another.

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

I don't believe Baal was a flesh being, but rather a construct due to the very robotic depictions of its posture and stance. It's always doing the "robot." And I'm pretty sure he predates that dance craze. Ha ha

m-salib, posted on April 24, 2016

You make finding out we're complrtrly misinformed, blind, sheep-like creatures fun. I'm a paranormal investigator, and you make me wonder whether 4th density beings are what we become when we die? Also, what happens when we ascend? Are we going to be reunited with our deceased relatives, or are we just out of luck if we die before the ascension?

wm, posted on February 22, 2016

I've read more than once Yahweh was a fire god & an angry god of volcanoes. Are there any volcanoes, even long-dormant & eroded ones in the Middle East inc across North Africa? I can't think of any, tho there are volcanoes nearby in the Mediterranean as well as down in Central Africa. One researcher claims there was a volcano in what is today Saudi Arabia that may have been the real Mt. Sinai & over time confusion of placement names occurred as borders shifted and natural disasters occurred. See: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1432915/Mount-Sinai-was-volcan...

Also, as with Sasquatch, it seems none of the DNA tests from any alleged ET or half-human half-ET hybrids demonstrated anything with the necessary clarity. Such refined DNA tests also cost quite a bit of money, more than the standard ones many use for family history. I recall Lloyd Pyle was attempting to raise funds for such expensive tests before he died.

David also needs to get off his "cavemen are all stupid" pedestal, too. Homo neanderthalensis, for example, had bigger brains as well as brawn than Homo sapiens, and Homo denisovas (sp.?) may well be larger than H. sapiens while H. florensis were quite small. Neanderthal brains may have been larger per recent research due to having larger eyes and thus more cranial and brain "room" was needed for optic nerves & image processing.

I did expect more material on Giants, whether Giants that otherwise look like Cro-Magnons or like Celtic & Germanic warriors except for double rows of teeth, but then I recall David Wilcock only recently "got into" giants and started making correlations. And he is a master of integrating correlations.

Another observation from the Future, LOL, as it's now 22 February 2016, & this was about 2.5 yrs ago.

Thanks again, DW, for an otherwise rich tho excessively redundant episode. Love your presentations. Glad your reduds are much more concise these days or nonexistent. Also, much gratitude to the Gaia TV Staff. You guys n gals rock it here in Alternative Media!


thatcrazytoaster, posted on January 19, 2016

Are these blue skinned gods benevolent?

thatcrazytoaster, posted on January 19, 2016

I heard from John Lash's camp that Yahweh was actually a negative non Earthling. An mad ET as I believe John referred to it but I also have not heard much else about Yahweh other than that. I"m still not sure.

mmbjrod, posted on September 2, 2015

Why was Yahweh so malevolent? Was Yahweh really Baal? He had Jason kill everything that breaths at Jericho. That's not loving and benevolent.

elizabethcollins515, posted on February 28, 2016

I have been wondering that too. My daughter-in-law recently...last year. A Christian were they call God by Yahweh - the ever present God that is always with you, yet she is constantly saying we should fear God. Her Christianity is based on fear. I've never been comfortable with that although I could see God being angry as those who harmed others and started wars however the text she quotes tells me HE was a very violent God destroying many peoples and leading a host of angels to come down and smite humans. Maybe I've taken this all wrong but every time she sends me something it's about fearing Christ /Jeshua and Fearing YHWH. i understand I said to be afraid if you are a follower of Baal, or what to do harm to His sentient beings but...I'm just used to a loving God...I may have it all mixed up.

Now concerning those little guys! The Russian woman who found it saw it running through the woods as she was walking down a path. She caught it and brought it home to treat is as her baby but it died. I the more I keep seeing those things I get the feeling they may be what the Irish/Scottish and Britts and so on considered the little people, faeries, brownies and the like. I think it's very possible they too are inner-earth type being and not necessarily from "outer space". I don't know but it struck me as this when I saw it. I thought of people stepping into the Fairy circles or maybe they were portals and coming back lifetimes later. It's been said that they inner earth people had the ability to affect time in this way. Maybe it's a common knowledge in the honey combs of inner-earth. Just throwing it out there.

Laura.Tanny, posted on June 15, 2015

Mr. Wilcock, could it be that the Cycladic figures are all strumming an instrument for the vibrational effects? Perhaps, it may be something that they need for their physical/psychic/emotional well-being? A type of ancient musical therapy?
Thank you.
All the best,

jcw, posted on March 3, 2015

Thank you so very much for all you are doing to enlighten me and the

dronemaster11, posted on January 20, 2015

Fairy lore comes to mind when you view this tiny skeleton. The pattern emerging is that perhaps humans from Ireland and celtic lore actually saw some of these aliens and called them "little people". then the more you see the more you find that the crazy stories from the past are not that crazy anymore. The world is topsy turvy!

ZamRich, posted on May 3, 2014

I wish I could just download the information in your brain into mine David... it would be so much faster!!! Thank You... Amy

terriev7, posted on November 26, 2013

I have been watching the wisdom teachings and enjoy them very much. However having to review for 8-12 min each video is tedious.
I would suggest that he just start the next video where he left off previous. Thank you.

yecidortega, posted on January 12, 2014

I agree, we do need recaps. We want 30 mins of new material no 17 mins. Thanks Dave, keep the good work.

Kpmcclintic, posted on October 12, 2013

I don't care for the his style. The feeling is of a snake oil salesmen with an urgent need to make you believe. Present the facts! Let us draw our own truths.

anita321, posted on July 8, 2013

It lacks credibility - It has been proven that the DNA is human - a deformed fetus.
Also, David repeats himself so much that it is hard to view.

redeye_38, posted on January 16, 2016

Not quite correct. , there is 7-9% of the DNA that is not able to be identified as human. It has been established as fact that it's mother was human, based on the mitochondrial DNA, which accounts for the 93% of it's human DNA. Also the Geneticist who performed the testing has stated (off the record) to Dr Steven Greer, that he believes the specimen is not entirely human.

beaum07, posted on October 10, 2013

Sirius Disclosure was great. I want to be a CE5 group member now.

mail9, posted on June 18, 2013

Great show! Just for a little fun, I look at the part when you say that the little alien got "too many ribs, are too thin, heads WAY too big" and cut out the part that you are comparing it to human sceletons and I just pretend that you are bullying that poor little alien, pointong out all the things that is "too" this and "too" that :) I dont know why i think its funny. Maybe its the idea of "normal". Its so absurd when you look at this little humanoid. He/she is probably "normal" wherever it comes from. I know that you didnt mean the skeleton wasnt normal, just that it wasnt a "normal earthhuman skeleton". But it puts the word "normal" into another perspective. Like my 7-year old daughter said some time ago: "mom , what is normal? If you had five arms, would you be normal? Or would you only be normal when put on a planet where everyone else got five arms?".

GoldenAgeVoyager, posted on June 9, 2013

This was very informative, thank you so much for sharing David.

debilg, posted on June 8, 2013

great show, but to much repeating the previous week before starting new show.

Kat_Starwolf, posted on June 8, 2013

Love the content, but a bit less recap would be great. Maybe keep it to 5 min?

On a brighter note, I did want to commend you for recognizing all the work that Lloyd Pye has accomplished over the last 12 years or so with the Starchild Skull. I've been following the results of the many genetic tests and Lloyd's travels over the years, and have to say he's compiled a significant amount of convincing evidence.

As are you, David. Thanks so much for all the work you do. Looking forward to your next book, and reading your latest blog now. Your updates are most welcome.


moonlightfarminco, posted on June 8, 2013

I've been following David for several years and always enjoyed and felt uplifted by his research.

morganian, posted on June 7, 2013

David, Since you acknowledge that folks may likely be viewing these episodes sequentially I would like to request less detailed recap of the previous episode. Sometimes you are spending 5-10 minutes reviewing the exact same content from a previous episode. I see the value in review but we are online and can easily get the detail with a couple clicks. I know you have a ton of information to share so please turn on the firehose.

heatman_drj, posted on July 30, 2013

I agree. Some of the content review during one of the eps. took almost 20min. I believe that David is not given a lengthy schedule to prepare his content. It maybe "Wowsers! Go go gadget powerpoint" at the last minute. David is doing a great job. I thought I knew most of this info already, but David has done it again. Big fan here; been with him since early Camelot. Wish I could get into his field of work, I have such a passion for it. He is the only reason I got a Gaiam tv Subscription. I believe, however, as David settles in, the Reviews will be less specific and less lengthy.

Lolk, posted on June 4, 2013

I want to say soooo much, but I am delightfully speechless...! Thanks once again David and GaiamTV.

lamar.page.lp, posted on June 4, 2013

This has been in the back of my mind. If the gods came to help get rid of the ones doing horrible things, what happen to "prime directive"? If they are not to interfere with what is going on with the planets people, didnt they break that rule? If it was broken why leave?

engagingplot, posted on June 3, 2013

great show. cant wait to think of a good question to send in. where do we send them? i think he should skip the recap of the previous episodes, takes too long. it is good for people who are new to the info though.

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